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Roach Man!

My rock musician son, Michael “Mac” Cagle, asked me to do a cover for his new single, “Roach Man.” You can listen to more of my rocker son at and download his whole album; his Facebook page is at And here’s a short MP3 clip from the Roach Man song, which is not yet completed:

That’s the Roach Man below.


Michael gave me lots of art direction while I drew this as a live stream on – watch in the video below.

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Punk Rock Opera!

Yesterday I live-streamed drawing a CD cover for my rocker son, Michael’s new album, “Punk Rock Opera.”  The album isn’t finished yet, but you can hear one of Michael’s earlier songs, and see an earlier album cover that I drew for him here:


Want to see me draw this one? It took an afternoon, and you can see it in real time in two parts below!

And here’s part two …