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Democrat Guernica

There is horror and anguish in the ranks of the Democratic Party these days. Pablo Picasso’s Guernica is probably the best known visual icon for horror and anguish.

Here’s a detail …


Eight years ago I drew a similar cartoon when Democrats won the presidency and congress – to the horror of Republicans.

I’ve had the GOP version up as the top image on my Facebook page for years, And I’ve gotten lots of complaints about it, usually from very literal conservatives who write things like, “Guernica is about the Spanish civil war – it has nothing to do with Republicans!” I also got lots of criticism from conservatives who wanted to point out that I’m not as good an artist as Pablo Picasso. Here’s an image of the real “Guernica.”


This David Fitzsimmons oldie about George W. Bush painting Iraq is a nice one.


Worldwide cartoonists like to use flags in their cartoons – the problem is that the American audience doesn’t know their flags. Here’s our Greek cartoonist, Michael Kountouris drawing a combination of the Syrian flag and Guernica.

Here’s my Cuban cartoonist friend in Mexico, Angel Boligan, with Violence in Video Games …

Here’s another nice one from Boligan, simply titled, “Insurance.”


Gotta love Guernica.



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Roach Man!

My rock musician son, Michael “Mac” Cagle, asked me to do a cover for his new single, “Roach Man.” You can listen to more of my rocker son at and download his whole album; his Facebook page is at And here’s a short MP3 clip from the Roach Man song, which is not yet completed:

That’s the Roach Man below.


Michael gave me lots of art direction while I drew this as a live stream on – watch in the video below.


Better to let the Poor Suffer in Tennessee

I drew a local Tennessee cartoon today. The legislature has taken up “Insure Tennessee” again, after voting it down – the bill would accept a boatload of Obamacare federal money to provide healthcare to many tens of thousands of uninsured poor and would cost Tennessee nothing … well, nothing but pride; refusing the money means thumbing their tea party noses at Obama, and accepting Obamacare money makes the reddest of the red look like hypocrites. Better to let the poor go without healthcare in the minds of the knuckle-dragging Republicans who rule the state capitol.

To his credit, Tennessee’s Republican Governor Haslam has campaigned tirelessly to accept the deal – makes me appreciate the governor. It would mean free money for the state, but it’s still a long-shot.