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Carrot and Stick

It looks like the on again, off again summit is North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is on again. Trump seems very motivated to have the meeting after cancelling the meeting a few days ago, leading me to draw a cartoon last week that probably didn’t get printed much.

This is an old standard, but it is fun to draw. We have a great section up on about Trump chasing the Nobel Peace Prize – my favorite is this one by Austrian cartoonist, Marian Kamensky:

This one is also a charmer, by Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

For any “carrot and stick” fans out there, don’t miss my Wall Street Coloring book!

What a great Fathers Day present this book is! Dad will be busy coloring evil Wall Street crooks all Summer!


Nobel Peace Prize Regrets

154630 600 Nobel Peace Prize Regrets cartoons


European Cartoonists React to Unexpected Nobel Win

In a surprise move, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the European Union for their role in promoting peace and democracy over the last sixty years. But given the current state of Europe’s economy, many across the continent think the timing of this award couldn’t be worse.

We have lots of European cartoonists that contribute to our site, so I thought I’d turn it over to them to get their thoughts about the EU winning the award…

Christo Komarnitski / Bulgaria (click to view more cartoons by Christo)
Martin Sutovec / Slovakia (click to view more cartoons by Sutovec)

Patrick Chappatte / International Herald Tribune (click to view more cartoons by Chappatte)

Joep Bertrams / The Netherlands (click to view more cartoons by Bertrams)

Frederick Deligne / France (click to view more cartoons by Deligne)

Meanwhile, as this terrific cartoon by Kap illustrates, some EU countries are doing better than others…


Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaobo

Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaobo © Daryl Cagle,,Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Peace Prize, China,prison,medal


Gore Nobel Prize and Bush

Gore Nobel Prize and Bush Color © Daryl Cagle,,Al Gore, George W. Bush, Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Prize, An Inconvenient Truth, rasberry, Bronx Cheer, medal, Sweden, spit