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For today’s BLAME CHINA installment we have four cartoons from Luojie, our CagleCartoonist from Beijing who draws for The China Daily, China’s state owned, national English language newspaper – and four cartoons not by Luojie.

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Luojie, Beijing, China


Bob Englehart

Paresh Nath, India

Dario Castillejos, Oaxaca, Mexico

Sean Delonas (yes, that Murder Hornet came from Japan.)

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Where do you get your ideas?

Here’s a nice piece from my brilliant buddy, Bob Englehart. Support Bob on Patreon

The question I’m asked most often is, “Where do you get your ideas?” It’s a simple question with a complicated answer. The questioner is not asking what information I’ve found, or the source of the news I based the idea on. The questioner wants to know how my brain works, what my imagination conceives and how, out of the jumble of thoughts, one comes forth and plunks me in the head. I sometimes would answer, “From the Editorial Cartoon Idea Company in Teaneck, New Jersey.”

Since the beginning back in Chicago, an idea just comes to me, most times several. I don’t exactly know how it happens. The trick is to recognize it; the good one from the lame one, to know which one would make an outstanding cartoon. I’ve looked at plenty of editorial cartoons over the years and learned how to deconstruct them. In the end though, it’s about making choices. If I’m going for a funny cartoon, I want one that makes me laugh. After all, I’m the first reader. If someone has died and I’m sad, I want a cartoon that reflects my sadness, or my appreciation of the life the deceased led. If I’m pissed, I want a cartoon that demonstrates it. Whatever my feelings, I want to share it with the world because I know I’m not alone in whatever I’m feeling. I think that’s one of the very important things a cartoon, any cartoon, does. It shows us we are not alone in our feelings.

It starts with the quick little drawing called a “gag.”

My ideas emerge because they seem logical and obvious. So often I think that someone must’ve already drawn that idea, or maybe it was drawn dozens of years ago and I conjured it up from the dark web of my memory. I finally realized it’s only obvious to me. That’s the cool thing about being an individual in a sea of humanity. There are only about 25 full-time editorial cartoonists employed by a newspaper in America, but if you go to the Internet and look, there are thousands, most of them amateurish and tedious with no sense of timing, drawing talent or sense of humor. But each cartoonist is doing their best to share their opinion.

The next step is to make a tracing of what the finished art will look like.

So, a better question is, “How do you develop your ideas?” This, I can answer, or rather, I can show you.

It starts with the quick little drawing called a “gag.”  The name doesn’t mean it’s necessarily funny. Stuntmen and women call the stunt they’re going to perform a gag also. I jot it down because it’s easy to forget the purity of the original idea and the perfect wording. I usually write it in a reporter’s notebook, but I’ve written them on restaurant napkins. I also carry a small notebook in my back pocket.

Then I draw the cartoon in black line on glossy copy paper.

The next step is to make a tracing of what the finished art will look like.  I fix spellings as I go, work on the likeness of my caricature, maybe change the layout, erase, maybe flip the whole thing, erase again, whatever I think it needs. This is the “blueprint” for the drawing.

Then I draw the cartoon in black line on glossy copy paper. I most often use Micron markers, but now and then, I use Zig Cartoonist black ink and a flexible crow quill nib. Hey, if pen and ink was good enough for Leonardo DaVinci, it’s good enough for me. I scan the line art into my computer using Photoshop, add color, change the composition here and there, fix more spellings (I’m the world’s worst speller, particularly with names) and tinker with it till it looks right to me. The finish is in a digital format that I send to ready for publication, except when they call or email me that I’ve misspelled another word, a word I was confident I knew how to spell and didn’t bother to check.  (As happened with this cartoon, after we sent it out to newspapers, and we had to issue a correction. Arrrgh! –Daryl)

So, that’s the process. I still don’t know exactly where I get my ideas but I know how to make them into a cartoon.

Bob Englehart, E-mail Bob

Support Bob on Patreon

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TRUE Crazy Stuff!

Here’s a batch of some crazy TRUE stuff from my factual cartoon panel from the 1990’s that never gets old!

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Killing Teddy Kennedy’s Man-Boobs in Hell

We’re getting a big increase in complaints from editors since Trump was elected. Most of the complaints are about “imbalance” from editors who want to see “pro-Trump” cartoons. I don’t know any “pro-Trump” cartoonists, but we’re thinking about how to be responsive to the complaints and there are other complaints.

Editors complain about cartoons that are too raunchy. The cartoons have gotten a lot dirtier with the rise of Trump. Even though newspaper editors choose which cartoon they want to print, many complain loudly that we even have raunchy cartoons available that they pass over and never print. More importantly we have gotten complaints from schools who want to use our sites in the classroom, so we decided to start cleaning up the cartoons by killing cartoons that have graphic sexual depictions and curse words. Of-course, the other newspaper syndicates have always done this, but as a cartoonist run syndicate I suppose I’ve been a little lax.

One of the first cartoons that got caught up in our new dragnet is the cartoon below by conservative cartoonist, Sean Delonas. My editor, Brian Fairrington, killed the cartoon below because of a bare-breasted “naked lady” in the lower right corner.

Sean amended the cartoon to this version that we have posted now …

I came to this a little late and asked Sean what the story was behind the topless lady. Sean told me that was no lady, that’s Teddy Kennedy. Why the boobs? Sean simply imagined that Teddy’s chest would look like that.

And why is Teddy Kennedy in Hell? Because of Chappaquiddick? No. Sean tells me that there’s no real reason Kennedy is in hell, Sean just he likes to put little Teddy Kennedys into his cartoons and he has done it for years. I guess I didn’t notice.

Sean worked for many years as the cartoonist for the New York Post; he tells me that the folks at the Post really didn’t like Kennedy because of his role in forcing Rupert Murdoch to sell the Post in 1988. Sean’s editors at the Post encouraged him to bash Teddy Kennedy in his cartoons as often as possible, and Sean made it a regular habit that he continues.

Sean adds that he didn’t mind the edit, and that he draws himself bare chested in the same way, because he could afford to lose a little weight. I should add that Cagle Cartoons has no problem with being half-eaten by a worm monster in hell, as long as you’re not topless while being half-eaten by a worm monster.

Gotta love journalism, huh?  See more of Sean wild, conservative cartoons here.

Need a closer look? Here’s the detail …



Tennessee Shooting Memorial

Tennessee Shooting Memorial © Daryl Cagle,,Tennessee,Chattanooga,flag,marine corps,memorial,flowers,shooting,ISIS,ISIL,terrorism,shooting,attack,recruiting


Donald Trump Tongue Noose

Donald Trump Tongue Noose © Daryl Cagle,,Donald Trump, Celebrity Apprentice, NBC, president, Republican, President, Presidential campaign, tongue, John McCain, POW, prisoner of war, veteran, hero, tongue, noose, hang


Iran Deal

Iran Deal © Daryl Cagle,,Iran, Barack Obama, Supreme Leader, nuclear weapons, bomb, uranium enrichment, handshake, hand shake, negotiations, israel, jews, kill the jews, Ali Khamenei,John Kerry


Freedom Bakery Tall

Freedom Bakery Tall © Daryl Cagle,,Gay marriage,marriage equality,abortion,cake,bakery,food,Barack Obama,obamacare,republican,prison,hacksaw,religion,religious freedom,elephant,GOP


Freedom Bakery Wide

Freedom Bakery Wide © Daryl Cagle,,Gay marriage,marriage equality,abortion,cake,bakery,food,Barack Obama,obamacare,republican,prison,hacksaw,religion,religious freedom,elephant,GOP


Grexit Beggar

Grexit Beggar © Daryl Cagle,,Greece,Greek,bank,European Union,EU,money,business,ATM,teller,Automated teller,Grexit,bum,beggar,vagrant,tin cup,go to hell