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Carly Fiorina’s Eye Test

Carly Fiorina insists that Democrats should look at the Planned Parenthood gotcha tapes to see the images of a “fully formed fetus, its legs kicking, as someone says “we have to keep it aline to harvest its brian.” Trouble is, no such video exists. Florin says that is just a “technicality.” And, considering that most of what Planned Parenthood does is health services unrelated to abortion, I thought I would draw Fiorina getting a Planned Parenthood eye test – there’s no way to know what she will see.

Frankly, the Planned Parenthood tapes seem to me to be nothing more than meat for the Republican wolves, without any real substance. I would like to see Planned Parenthood, and all abortion providers, give tissue samples (or as Fiorina would say, living, kicking, cute. little human babies) to researchers – if it was up to me, I’d require them to do so, and to conduct the abortions in such a way as to make those samples more viable for research as they are now prohibited from doing, and I’d have them charge for it. Why don’t we hear calls for requiring all abortion providers to do what Planned Parenthood does on these tapes?


Gary McCoy on Komen and Planned Parenthood

This week, after initially pulling out all funding of Planned Parenthood, Susan G. Komen for a Cure, an organization focused on breast cancer awareness and treatment, caved to public sentiment and returned funding to the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care provider (view all our cartoons about the decision here).

One person taken a back by the ruling was our very own conservative cartoonist, Gary McCoy. Gary drew three very strong political cartoons this week about Komen returning to fund Planned Parenthood, an organization that Gary has drawn a good deal of cartoons about.

I asked Gary for his thoughts, and here’s what he wrote me:

“I did the Komen/Planned Parenthood cartoons because obviously, I feel very strongly about the issue of protecting the liberties of unborn babies, not to mention my donated funds, or taxpayer funds going to an organization whose main business is terminating over 300,000 unborn babies a year. I had a women email me saying how much she appreciated my “Aborted Babies Cemetery” cartoon, because she aborted her first child in 1978, and has so much regret over it.”

Here are the cartoons. His first cartoon elicited a lot of response from our readers. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below, or by posting on our Facebook page.

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Planned Parenthood Cartoon Riled Up Our Readers

There has been an intense debate from both sides of the political aisle over the decision, and reversal, of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to cut their funding to Planned Parenthood.

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One of our strongest conservative cartoonists, Gary McCoy, drew the cartoon to the right, juxtaposing Susan G. Komen’s mission to aid women’s health with the fact that Planned Parenthood performs abortions.

It’s a tough cartoon, as are most cartoons dealing with abortion, and several of our readers wrote in about it. Here are some of the opinions we received:

Rob C.: “This cartoon is obviously by a right wing evangelical. Obvious because he uses the term “pro-abortion” rather than the correct term “pro-choice”.  As with many of his ilk, he wants government out of people’s lives but, wants government to dictate his beliefs. I think the dictionary defines him as hypocrite.”

Bruce G.: “The cartoon was totally off-the-point but not surprising given how far off-base politics has gotten these day.  Komen wasn’t paying Planned Parenthood for abortions but for other testing.  Unfortunately, rhackos (right-wing whackos) think: Planned Parenthood = abortion. Not valid!  Planned Parenthood provides a lot of services for women, including abortions.  Go back to Venn diagrams folks — there’s some overlap but they’re not equivalent.”

James B.: “Apparently it is allowed to murder unborn babies while trying to cure cancer? Hypocrites!”

Phil K.: “While giving startling visuals, it factually devoid of any real accuracy.”

Vicky K.: “Since none of the funds received by Planned Parenthood from Komen were used for abortion, the cartoon was foul.  Perpetuating a myth for political purposes is dispicable.”

Paul K.: “This is the most absurd cartoon you have ever shown. I am always fine with differing views, but this is ridiculous. Taking a serious health issue like breast cancer and politicizing it with their emotional issues of abortion is outrageous. It is sickening and represents how broken things are right now – you should not be encouraging this kind of gutter politics in my view.”

Let us know what you think! Comment below, or post your thoughts on our Facebook page.


What Every Woman Should Know

Here’s what my daughter Susie has to say about her newest graphic report for the Cartoon Movement about the war that’s being waged against women’s health in the United States.

Some issues are straight forward and can be elegantly distilled into single panel editorial cartoons. Some are full of gray areas and require some deeper exploration. I think this story and the issue of faith-based crisis pregnancy centers in general falls into the latter category. They may do a great deal of good for some women, but at the same time they’re also standing in the way of legal choices for many women. This isn’t just about abortion! These centers provide misleading and even false information to women, pregnant or not, regarding contraception and basic reproductive health issues — and from people who are not licensed medial professionals, or even licensed counselors. To find this happening in what most would consider the liberal playground of San Francisco was surprising, and deserved further investigation.

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Planned Parenthood and Abortion

As they attempt to live up to campaign promises and slash the federal budget, House Republicans are taking aim at Planned Parenthood, which provides reproductive health and child health services, including providing abortions.

Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in politics today, and political cartoonists don’t shy away from controversy. Here are some cartoons, both right and left, that have come in on the issue.

Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune sees members of the GOP praying to the alter of the Religious Right…

Steve Greenberg sees a new definition for abortion…

Slowpoke cartoonist Jen Sorensen sees a parallel in Republicans “Protect Life Act” and zombies…

While No Exit cartoonist Andy Singer sees life beginning at the earliest possible moment…

Denver Post cartoonist Mike Keefe sees Pro-Life extremists as believing they’re doing the bidding of God…

While Mike Lane sees the aftermath of women’s health if Planned Parenthood were to shut down…

Conservative cartoonist Gary McCoy has some serious thoughts about Planned Parenthood and abortion. Here are some of his cartoons…

Jimmy Margulies at the Bergen Record also has some individual thoughts about women’s rights. Here are some of his recent cartoons…