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Englehart Decade!

Here are Bob Englehart’s favorite cartoons of the past decade!  For decades, Bob was the staff cartoonist for The Hartford Courant newspaper in Connecticut.

See Bob’s favorite cartoons on USA Today where you can click on each cartoon and see it blown up to fill the screen with a pretty, high-resolution image.  See the complete archive of Bob’s syndicated cartoons here.

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Cagle’s 2016 Year in Review

Here’s my year in review! The year started off with Donald Trump knocking off his opponents one by one, in a big Republican field.

Trump attacked his fiercest rival, Ted Cruz, for being born in Canada, arguing that he was not “native born” and constitutionally ineligible to be president.

Trump had a famous, short-lived feud with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, which led him to boycott a presidential debate that was sponsored by Fox News. Trump’s absence seemed to amount to a victory for him.

Bernie Sanders started out strong and threatened to steal the Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic establishment couldn’t grasp why young women voters rejected Hillary and flocked to Bernie.

Bernie hung on until the end – Hillary just couldn’t put him away.

Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia died, and the Republicans would not allow a vote for Obama’s nominee for nine months, in the hope that a Republican would win the election.

The terrible Zika virus spread north from South America.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich tried teaming up for a last ditch effort to derail Trump. It didn’t work.

Trump won the Republican party nomination for president – a concept that many Republicans found difficult to accept.

Trump’s fashion model wife, Melania, gave a speech at the GOP convention that seemed to match a speech by Michelle Obama.

Trump attacked a Muslim “Gold Star Family” that spoke against him at the Democratic Convention.

The media was obsessed with Trump, giving him lots of costly air time – but after he won the GOP nomination, the media turned on Trump and Trump’s support surprised all of the pundits.

Many Republicans couldn’t bring themselves to support their new nominee.

The Party of Lincoln was horrified.

“Pay to Play” allegations about the Clinton Foundation stung Hillary.

In other news, Civil War freedom fighter Harriet Tubman was selected to grace the $20.00 bill, kicking slave plantation owner Andrew Jackson off.

Great Britain voted for “Brexit” – an exit from the European Union.

Highly publicized, and unjustifiable police shootings led to attacks on police and nationwide demonstrations.

Greedy drug companies raised priced and screwed customers.

The Summer Olympics were dominated by news of the success of the American swim team, and then by news of the American swimmers vandalizing a bathroom and lying about it.

The Trump vs. Clinton campaign was possible the ugliest presidential contest ever.

Trump made a surprise visit to meet the president of Mexico – to the horror of Mexicans.

Trump seemed to be fond of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, as the Russians hacked the Democratic party boosting Trumps campaign by releasing embarrassing emails through their proxy, Wikileaks.

The race was tight, focusing on swing-states.

Hate groups endorsed Trump – and I heard from many of them by e-mail.

Trump accused Hillary of being too sick to be president.

The presidential debates drew the biggest audiences ever.

“Access Hollywood” recordings of Trump bragging about sexual assaults dominated the headlines.

Trump claimed that the election was “rigged” against him, suggesting that he wouldn’t “accept” the election results if Hillary were to win.

Days before the election, FBI Director James Comey reopened the e-mail investigation of Hillary, an event that Hillary’s supporters believe cost her the election.

Trump won!

Half the nation was shocked.

The election was a Democrat apocalypse.

Trump’s transition was just as crazy as his campaign, with untraditional cabinet picks of generals and billionaires who seem to defy his promise to “drain the swamp.”






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Trump Abortion!

Democracy can be annoying when the guy who gets the most votes is the guy you really, really don’t want to win.

In the real-time video below you can see me drawing the cartoon, from rough sketch to finished color, ready for print. People like to ask me how long it takes to draw a cartoon – here is the answer! Keep an eye on where you can see me draw live in a popup window when I do a new cartoon, or follow me on to get an alert when I draw live, and join the live chat while I draw!

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Carly Fiorina’s Eye Test

Carly Fiorina insists that Democrats should look at the Planned Parenthood gotcha tapes to see the images of a “fully formed fetus, its legs kicking, as someone says “we have to keep it aline to harvest its brian.” Trouble is, no such video exists. Florin says that is just a “technicality.” And, considering that most of what Planned Parenthood does is health services unrelated to abortion, I thought I would draw Fiorina getting a Planned Parenthood eye test – there’s no way to know what she will see.

Frankly, the Planned Parenthood tapes seem to me to be nothing more than meat for the Republican wolves, without any real substance. I would like to see Planned Parenthood, and all abortion providers, give tissue samples (or as Fiorina would say, living, kicking, cute. little human babies) to researchers – if it was up to me, I’d require them to do so, and to conduct the abortions in such a way as to make those samples more viable for research as they are now prohibited from doing, and I’d have them charge for it. Why don’t we hear calls for requiring all abortion providers to do what Planned Parenthood does on these tapes?

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Freedom Bakery!

Republicans are very concerned that bakers have the freedom to refuse service to gay couples who want to buy wedding cakes. Now that marriage equality is the law of the land, our attention is turned to the poor, abused bakers.

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Common Core in Tennessee

Here’s my new cartoon for the Nashville Next altie-weekly newspaper. Tennessee has a number of commissions that are passionately reviewing the Common Core standard that conservatives in this red state just can’t stand.



Cartoon Revenge Through Hacking

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There was a time when readers who are offended by a political cartoons would write a letter to the editor. Now angry readers rant online; they demand apologies or retribution for being offended.

I run a “syndicate” that distributes editorial cartoons and columns to about 850 subscribing newspapers in America. I’m perceived to be the “boss” of the cartoonists, and I get angry demands that I fire cartoonists I work with, who drew cartoons that offend. Just draw about abortion, the Confederate Battle Flag, gun control, religion, Israel or the Palestinians – and the cyber outrage will flow.

The Sandy Huffaker cartoon that inspired the CAIR flame campaign to punish the cartoonist.

One of our cartoonists drew a cartoon a few years ago that showed an Iraqi soldier holding a book titled, “The Koran for Dummies.” The cartoon motivated a group called the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to put a call out to their members to e-mail me, demanding that I punish the cartoonist; I received many thousands of crazy e-mail threats in response. Whenever there is a big response to a cartoon, it is usually because some group is organizing the effort.

Recently my political cartoon web site at has been getting hacker attacks. New, crazy, huge, sophisticated, brute force, distributed denial of service hacker attacks, from IP addresses all over the world, focusing on taking us down.

The hackers succeeded in breaking through to erase data on our hard drives on our servers and bring our site down. Luckily, we had an unconnected backup in the cloud, and this attack had us down for only a day rewriting the hard drives. We don’t keep credit card information or salacious emails about movie stars online, so there isn’t much for hackers to do except to take us down.
The new attacks started before the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, back when we were featuring cartoons about North Korea and the Sony Pictures hackers. is still going down occasionally as the hackers change their strategies. I suppose this is the new reality for editorial cartoonists, who have never been well paid by newspapers that are continuing to cut their budgets. Editorial cartoons seem to be the new flashpoint for a clash of civilizations, even as we tighten our belts.

The bottom line is that our site is now expensive to host as the attacks continue to become more costly and time consuming for us. We thought about dropping the site and concentrating on our little newspaper syndicate, but we’re trying something different.

We’re putting up a plea to our readers to make contributions to help us keep the site online. I see lots of other sites with “donor” buttons, including opinion sites like and, but this is new to us. Visitors to will see a pop-up window this week, asking for support, and offering lots of nice perks for different levels of support.

We’re hoping the love and support of editorial cartoon fans can overcome the costs of the evil editorial cartoon haters.

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Cartoonist Sneaks Cut Doonesbury Strip into Paper

This week, the Salt Lake Tribune ran Garry Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” despite all the controversy surrounding its focus on a Texas law requiring women seeking an abortion to receive a sonogram. However, the paper’s editors decided against running today’s “I thee rape” strip. That didn’t sit to well with our own Pat Bagley, the paper’s staff cartoonist. He decided to take matters into his own hands, and share his cartoon with today’s “Doonesbury” installment (the top part of the cartoon references Utah House Majority Leader Kevin Garn, who resigned after confessing to a nude hot-tubbing incident with an under-aged girl).

Tribune columnist George Pyle said Bagley’s decision to put his cartoon together this way was like peanut butter and chocolate. “Separate they are good. Together they are great.”
Pat Bagley Doonesbury Salt Lake Tribune editorial cartoon


Readers Respond to ‘War on Women’ Cartoon

For the past few weeks, the rhetoric on the campaign has shifted from the economy and job creation to birth control and women’s reproductive rights. Many cartoonists have weighed in on the topic (view our collection of women’s rights cartoons here), but this cartoon by Adam Zyglis of the Buffalo News stood out.

Adam Zyglis / Buffalo News

We’ve had a lot of readers react to the cartoon via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Here just a sample of what they said about the cartoon:

Steve Berlin: “Totally unfair. Because the GOP would never put “Women” and “rights” in the same sentence.”

Don Mitchell: “Why not? Sarah Palin can draw targets on a map and play the victim card.”

Gerardo Enrique Garibay Camarena: “It’s Foul, and it amazes me how libs are incapable to understand that the symbol used in Palin’s map was NOT a target.”

Theresa McGrath Moran: “Takes a woman to make a man…remember who’s body you came out of.”

Dave Washburn: “Oh wait, I get it. If you’re against the government forcing religious institutions to violate their religious beliefs, you’re for shooting women. OK, now it makes sense.”

Maite Brown: “Contraception is the target. Sadly….NOT fair.”

Paul J Falkowski: “THIS IS Another expression of violence.”

Barbara Elizabeth: “This time it is not being promoted as something that SHOULD be done to the other side, but instead as something that the other side is ALREADY doing. Big difference since the weirdos out there won’t see this as an instruction from the left, but instead as a critique of the right.”

What do you think? Comment below and weigh in – fair or foul!


Gary McCoy on Komen and Planned Parenthood

This week, after initially pulling out all funding of Planned Parenthood, Susan G. Komen for a Cure, an organization focused on breast cancer awareness and treatment, caved to public sentiment and returned funding to the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care provider (view all our cartoons about the decision here).

One person taken a back by the ruling was our very own conservative cartoonist, Gary McCoy. Gary drew three very strong political cartoons this week about Komen returning to fund Planned Parenthood, an organization that Gary has drawn a good deal of cartoons about.

I asked Gary for his thoughts, and here’s what he wrote me:

“I did the Komen/Planned Parenthood cartoons because obviously, I feel very strongly about the issue of protecting the liberties of unborn babies, not to mention my donated funds, or taxpayer funds going to an organization whose main business is terminating over 300,000 unborn babies a year. I had a women email me saying how much she appreciated my “Aborted Babies Cemetery” cartoon, because she aborted her first child in 1978, and has so much regret over it.”

Here are the cartoons. His first cartoon elicited a lot of response from our readers. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below, or by posting on our Facebook page.