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Mueller Report Release

The news today is dominated by the Mueller Report, which has just been completed and delivered to Attorney General Barr. We don’t know what is in the report yet, but we know that there are no new indictments, so the speculation is that the report will not lead to any new drama –which may be good news for president Trump.

Cartoonists who have been drawing another shoe dropping are likely just to be disappointed by the air coming out of the balloon. I’m speculating here, since nobody knows what is in the report yet, and maybe this cartoon will be wrong.

It may be that there will be something nasty in the report, but the spin from the Republicans will be “the report shows that we were right all along, no collusion” and the red-state papers may reprint my cartoon no matter what is in the report. We’ll see.

Here are some of my favorite, recent, Mueller cartoons. This one is by Steve Sack.

This one is by Dave Whamond.

This one is by Dave Granlund.





Benghazi Media Monkeys

This cartoon by conservative cartoonist Glenn McCoy motivated me to draw my cartoon below. Glenn forgot the most obvious monkey and I thought I needed to correct the oversight.

Last month I corrected an error in a cartoon by Glenn’s even-more-conservative brother, Gary.  The McCoys are such an inspiration!

123219 600 Benghazi Media Monkeys cartoons


Benghazi Monkeys

Benghazi Monkeys © Daryl Cagle,,CBS News,NBC News,ABC News,television,cable,media,Benghazi,Libya,monkeys,see no evil,hear,report,speak,Benghazigate,Susan Rice,Fox News
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Iraq Report

Iraq Report Color © Daryl Cagle,,General Petraeus, dog, general, president Bush, report