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WhiteFish and the White House

Every so often a really stinky fish looms over the White House. I have to draw a similar cartoon every seven years or so. Today’s stinky fish is “Whitefish Energy,” the two employee company in WhiteFish, Montana that happened to win a $300,000,000 exclusive contract from Puerto Rico to maintain their electrical system. Why this little company won a contract like this is a mystery to the White House. Interestingly, the tiny town of Whitefish, Montana (population 7.279) is the hometown of the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, and some are wondering if this could be a reason why the little company landed this big contract. Here’s an article with some other interesting Whitefish facts.

Whitefish Energy employs about 300 contractors who are working on tens of thousands of miles of downed power lines in powerless Puerto Rico. Not nearly enough people for the job, but their exclusive contract is keeping more workers out. Sounds stinky to me.

In the past my stinky fish has reared its rotting head for both the Obama and George W. Bush administrations. Here’s my stinky Solyndra fish from 2011, depicting a stinky green energy company that blew through $500 million dollars of taxpayer subsidies before turning belly up.

The stinky fish for the Bush administration in 2007 was the Iraq war …

It looks like we should expect another fish to descend in another five or six years. Keep your eye (or nose) out for it.

Here’s how my Whitefish cartoon looks today in USA Today.


Stinky Solyndra

Stinky Solyndra COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Solyndra,solar power,subsidy,scandal,bankrupt,failure,bankruptcy,Barack Obama,fish,stink,White House


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