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Trump and the Judge

Donald Trump has been credited with straight, politically incorrect talk, saying what his supporters wanted to hear. Trouble is, sometimes the straight, politically incorrect talk is about topics that his voters don’t care about, like bashing the judge in the Trump University case. Bashing the judge as impartial because he is Mexican American came back to bite trump on on this one.

This all makes me think that Trump doesn’t really have his finger on the pulse of the “silent majority” as seemed to be the case a couple of weeks ago. His thin skin shows where he is defending his past, which seems to be a scab that Hillary may choose to pick.

See me draw this one in real time in the video below! Watch it at 2x speed to make me look like a genius.

In the video below I color the cartoon in Photoshop on my nifty Wacom Cintiq.

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I Drew a PRO-Trump Cartoon

We get complaints from readers because we don’t post pro-Trump cartoons. We don’t post pro-Hillary cartoons either. We just don’t get any pro-Trump and pro-Hillary cartoons. Cartoons in favor of something are lousy cartoons. Editorial cartooning is a negative art form.

That said, today I drew a PRO-Trump cartoon! It strikes me that the accusations about Trump University are no different than the accusations against hundreds of for-profit colleges – especially art colleges that accept any talentless applicants who will pay, even though they know the students won’t be making livings as artists. Reputable institutions drive students into a lifetime of debt as  students often graduate with no marketable skills. I don’t see Trump University as any worse than the rest.

I’m sorry that it is so wordy! I’ll be more terse next time. Watch me draw this one in the video below!

Watch me color the cartoon in the next video …