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Bernie Pulls Ahead of Hillary in the Presidential Race

This cartoon is a collection of clichés, and it marks the first time I’ve drawn Bernie Sanders. I enjoy Bernie and I hope he can keep up the pace. Both Bernie and Hillary are wonderful cartoon characters, as are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The pundits have it all wrong, this year Americans are voting for the best cartoon candidates.

I’ll keep drawing my cartoons in live streams and I hope we’ll get more people joining in and chatting while I’m online. Watch me draw this cartoon in real time in the video below!


I Hate Unions

I Hate Unions Color © Daryl Cagle,,union, public employees, Wisconsin, Ohio, Walker, Kasich, Republicans, elephants, TEACHERS, EDUCATION, SCHOOLS


Old, Small Obama

Sometimes I like to vary the dimensions of my cartoons. Most editorial cartoons are the same 1 1/2 wide by 1 tall, which fits the cartoon hole that newspapers keep open for the cartoon. Sometimes an odd sized cartoon will jar an editor into running something different.

I did today’s cartoon extra wide, but on the web, extra wide means extra small, and I lose details like old Obama at the right.  Everything is a tradeoff.

See my rough sketch below, followed by the line art, that most people see in the newspapers, then the color version that I do for the web and for the few newspapers that print color on their editorial pages.

Sometimes a cartoon, like this one, is just fun to draw.  Even if it doesn’t say a whole lot; fun to draw is enough.


Obama Still Thinking About Afghanistan

Obama Still Thinking About Afghanistan Color © Daryl Cagle,,Barack Obama, Afghanistan, growing old, elderly, cane, walker, wheelchair