Top Ten Glenn Beck Cartoons

Sometimes I wonder if Fox News will let Glenn Beck say any crazy thing he wants – but with Fox’s decision to give Glenn Beck the boot, I guess the answer is a resounding no.

Plagued by sinking ratings and an advertising boycott, Fox announced that Beck would lose his show later this year. This might be a happy day for many, but most editorial cartoonists will be sad to see Beck and his conspiracy-minded gobbledygook leave television.

So I thought it would be fun to post the top ten Glenn Beck cartoons from our archives, and remember the good old days of usurping Martin Luther King, Jr. and calling President Obama a racist.

10. Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

9. John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune

8. Bob Englehart, Hartford Courant

7. John Cole, Scranton Times-Tribune

6. Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

5. Daryl Cagle,

4. David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star

3. Daryl Cagle,

2. Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

1. Sandy Huffaker,

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post. For the past 35 years, Daryl has been one of America’s most prolific cartoonists.

37 replies on “Top Ten Glenn Beck Cartoons”

You gotta be kidding! Glen Beck is the most on-target analyisist of world events. Too bad that Libs don’t like him…well, they can’t help it. Hmmm; who was that female Lib who made that type of comment about George W ?

If you can not think, then you should not make comments about hurriedly spelled comments. BTW, I would think that the word ‘then’ should have been inserted between ‘SPELL’ AND ‘YOU’ in your inane comment. Then again, English must be your 3rd or 4th language…….but; you must have a BIG dictionary. Also, for you to be a member of the “indefatigable team of error spotters”, I trust that you have a Doctorate degree, one step above mine.

WHAT? ‘can not’ are two seperate words and easily understood by all but the most ignorant. If I had wanted to use a contraction, I would have used ‘can’t’. Cannot? El Stupido and extremely rarely used.

“Glen Beck is the most on-target analyisist of world events”?!?
My favourite was the one about George Soros (who is Jewish) being anti-Semitic, while Beck (who is a Mormon) being more supportive of Jews and Israel than Soros was.
Real “Twi-Lite Zone” stuff there. Surrealism light.

I wish that Windows Live would stop sending me invitations to use that means of
communication. I have a reliable, good e-mail programme now.
Thank you.

Sort of underlines how difficult it must be to make jokes about someone or something that is so off-the-wall crazy to begin with. Kind of like Tina Fey deciding that nothing could be funnier than simply quoting Sarah Palin verbatim.

I like Glenn Beck. If he wasn’t so silly, it would be easier for all the dumbass liberal fools who want the government to care of them to understand his point of view. But lazy bastards will never change. A lot of us are tired of supporting them and will quit paying taxes one day. And we have a lot of firepower. Also, Commrade Obama was born in Kenya. He is a Muslim communist who is destroying the American way of life. All the lazy bastards on welfare don’t care as long as they have their free stuff. Welfare scum should not be allowed to vote. To mis-quote Michelle obama: if you don’t contribute to the pie, you don’t have a voice in how it gets sliced.

i really had thought that we had heard the last of this real moron. maybe he is related to the kallikak family of sociological study history. he must be because such a combination of assinine dimwitedness could not have occurred other than by inherited genes. no one can be taught or trained to be so out of it.

Most of us will miss Glenn, because facts and logic are just boring. The problem with easttexasredneck is that he’s so over the top (except for the subtle misspellings and grammatical errors — nice touch), that he (or she) is obviously not legit. Dial it back, and you’ll fool more liberals into reacting. (Hint: “Lazy Welfare Bastards” is so 80s. Stick with guns and Kenya — those work pretty well.)

Sort of my view of Tommy (or Marine1966, or Bitterpill, or whichever names he’s blogging under these days).
I mean: nobody can really be that dumb, can they?

Most of us will miss Glenn, because facts and logic are just boring. The problem with easttexasredneck is that he’s so over the top (except for the subtle misspellings and grammatical errors — nice touch), that he (or she) is obviously not legit. Dial it back, and you’ll fool more liberals into reacting. (Hint: “Lazy Welfare Bastards” is so 80s. Stick with guns and Kenya — those work pretty well.)

Hey ‘neck! Apperently you have no clue just how rare you are! There are very few people gullible enough to believe that Obama is a Muslim or a Communist ( but both? really?). No, texneck there has not been a fifty-year conspiracy to sneak a brown commie baby into the White House. You have no idea how stupid that sounds! Obama is more American than you are, you ignorant, racist, easily-confused goof. Even if you had the first seat on the short bus.

“Welfare scum should not be allowed to vote.” Tommy’s policy, too: “taking America back” to around 1860 or so.

The passing of a great American patriot. Worshipped by millions of similar-thinking, ill-bred, ill-educated, ill-informed fellow-patriots & assorted heroes. Murcuh at it’s finest moment! We shall miss him. And his values & wisdom. Whatever shall we do? Let us…pray. (Nice cartoons, BTW.)

Luckily with modern Cons, you’ll never go hungry if you’re crazy enough. I have no doubt Beck will fine financially. I do love how Cons love to point to his popularity as if that excuses his track record of complete and utter nonsense. By that logic Britney Spears is a stellar parent because her records sell.




What’s so funny/sad about Beck (and his sheep) is that they think they are not part of “the evil main-stream media.” The same could be said about Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Mick Huckabee, Michelle Bachmann, Mark Levin, Joe Scarborough, Wally George, Morton Downey, Jr…

Please tell me more mainstream media pundits who play the victim card day after day after day.

Glenn Beck is nothing more then an entertainer just like Rush Limbaugh. They both are millionaires due to the fact that dumbass, uneducated, reckneck, racist, PIGS listen to them!

Oh well. At least we know how to have fun as opposed to those uptight sheep who tune into madcow and matthews.

fox didn’t give glen the boot…..get that fact straight! He is still working with them on other projects….i’m guessing getting into the realm of activism and organizing. Wow, i liked Daryl Cartoons but didn’t realize you had a political agenda beyond being funny 🙁

Obama is hardly a Muslim communist.  It’s been proven beyond a doubt that he was born in the US.  You are a bigoted racist who doesn’t understand that people can become poor through no fault of their own, especially the elderly who have paid for their social security all their lives.  Not all people who receive entitlement benefits are lazy bastards as you portray them.  Yes, there is abuse on any end of the spectrum and dare I say more at the very top.  The American Way of life was ruined by corruption at the top vis a vis, the stock market, over inflated housing values, banks and George Bushes initiation of the Iraq war.  All of these factors put our country into this deficit, not Obama, as you and many other people might want to think.  I hope you never get sick, lose your job or business because you could become welfare scum. 

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