This Week in Political Cartoons – 4/15/11

We’ve just posted our huge Week in Review cartoon slideshow, and what’s on everyone’s mind this week? Taxes, taxes, taxes!

Whether it’s the small business owner sweating bullets trying to finish his 1040 in time, or politicians on Capital Hill bickering and arguing about what out taxes can really afford, that dirty “t” word seems to be everywhere. Which infuriates bankrupt birther Donal Trump, who can’t abide the media overlooking him.

So pull yourself away from your calculator and check out our Week in Political Cartoons slideshow.

Taxes 1040
John Cole / Scranton Times-Tribune (click to view slideshow)

Bye, Bye Beck

Cartoonists across the nation who have become accustomed to Glenn Beck’s one-sided attacks on “progressives” and paranoid conspiracy theories must have shed their own Beck tears when Fox News announced that his show would be ending in the next few months.

As a national pundit, Beck left a lot to be desired. But as a convenient punching bag for the nation’s cartoonists, he was perfect, as our new Bye, Bye Beck cartoon slideshow illustrates.

Monte Wolverton / (click to view slideshow)

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Top Ten Glenn Beck Cartoons

Sometimes I wonder if Fox News will let Glenn Beck say any crazy thing he wants – but with Fox’s decision to give Glenn Beck the boot, I guess the answer is a resounding no.

Plagued by sinking ratings and an advertising boycott, Fox announced that Beck would lose his show later this year. This might be a happy day for many, but most editorial cartoonists will be sad to see Beck and his conspiracy-minded gobbledygook leave television.

So I thought it would be fun to post the top ten Glenn Beck cartoons from our archives, and remember the good old days of usurping Martin Luther King, Jr. and calling President Obama a racist.

10. Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

9. John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune

8. Bob Englehart, Hartford Courant

7. John Cole, Scranton Times-Tribune

6. Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

5. Daryl Cagle,

4. David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star

3. Daryl Cagle,

2. Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

1. Sandy Huffaker,


BeckLimbaugh Speak Evil

Beck, Limbaugh Speak Evil COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Fox News,Rush Limbaugh,Glenn Beck,Conservative,Hear no Evil,See no Evil,Speak no Evil,blind,deaf,Oxycontin


Glenn Beck Going Blind

Glenn Beck Going Blind Color © Daryl Cagle,,Glenn Beck,Fox News,pundit,blind,mute,television,cable tv


Timeline of the Financial Crisis in Cartoons – and Farts

Thanks to my loyal assistant, Stacey Fairrington, for putting together this excellent cartoon slideshow for, telling the story of the financial crisis of the past year.

I do a Week in Political Cartoons slideshow for that goes up every Friday morning. The newest slideshow can always be seen on our archive page with all the past weekly slideshows.

I’m a big fan of Sandy Huffaker; we used to syndicate his work but Sandy retired when Obama was elected, telling me he had lost his inspiration when he didn’t have President Bush to kick around anymore.  Sometimes Sandy still gets inspired and sends in a cartoon, like the Glenn Beck cartoon below that I put into the latest weekly slideshow. It looks like Beck really made Sandy mad.

I’ve noticed a recent pattern where nutty conservatives are inspiring cartoonists to draw fart jokes.  There was a time when drawing a fart cartoon insured that your cartoon wouldn’t be reprinted in newspapers, but I noticed this Pat Bagley conservative/fart cartoon (below) in my local paper this week.