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Boots on the Ground in Syria

President Obama took another military step in Syria, authorizing American special forces to conduct combat operations, despite his promise to have “no boots on the ground” in Syria. I suppose my now we shouldn’t take these promises too seriously.

There have been a whole lot of quagmire cartoons about Syria. I noticed this similar, recent one by my buddy Steve Sack after I sent mine out – Steve’s is better.

Here’s an Afghanistan quagmire from Chinese cartoonist, Loujie.

Here’s a nice quagmire from Australian cartoonist, Paul Zanetti.

Here’s an Iraq quagmire from Dave Granlund …

… and an Obamacare quagmire from my buddy, conservative cartoonist Eric Allie …

Quagmires are a cartoon standard.

Here’s my quagmire cartoon in USA Today today. It has been a long time since I worked for, but it is a never ending quest to get people to change my attribution. (Does it help that they call it “Toon Talk”?)



Jumping Into Iraq

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It Sucks to be You

Iraq’s president Nouri Al Maliki is a thug; I’m not too troubled to see Maliki’s Shiite Iraq taking a tumble.  I almost had Obama saying, “I told you so …” but that wasn’t very funny.  “It sucks to be you,” strikes me as funny, and the gist of what Obama seems to be saying to Maliki.

I voted for Obama to get us out of foreign wars, supporting one bad guy vs. another, only to see Obama jump into Libya and urge military action in Syria.  I’m afraid Obama will jump into Iraq again, and he’ll surely be delighted to leave troops in Afghanistan forever.  At least he hasn’t done jumped back into Iraq yet.



Iraq It Sucks to be You

149775 600 Iraq   It Sucks to be You cartoons