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I Voted

I voted today. Everything on the ballot was unpleasant. There was nothing there that I wanted – only things I dislike less than other things. Which led to this cartoon.

Yes, I know, all of my Uncle Sams look more or less like congressman Steny Hoyer.

As I was finishing this one up, I saw Rick McKee’s election day cartoon, which is basically the same gag.

Rick’s cartoon will get reprinted more than mine, because he doesn’t have any vomit. Editors don’t like vomit. I think Rick wins on this gag.

Taylor Jones drew this one a couple of years ago – it goes well with Rick’s cartoon.

I took a look in the database and I found this nice oldie by Joe Heller

Nate Beeler drew this one back in 2012.

Here’s another nice one from Nate, in 2014.

And another one from Nate, in 2015!

I think Nate wins, 3 to 1.




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Go Vote!

Here’s a generic, voting day cartoon. I know the other cartoonists are in a fever pitch over the last days of the campaign season – but I’m weary of it. The Trump name-calling cartoons continue to flood in with Hillary bashing taking a back seat. I’m looking forward to a time when there are more topics for cartoonists who might chime in with different opinions.

And I miss my donkeys and elephants. Since the Republicans have fractured, and an anti-Trump cartoon isn’t necessarily anti-Republican or anti-conservative, the poor elephant has suffered from a lack of clear direction. I miss my single minded elephant.

Videos will come back. I promise.


Election Cartoons For Whoever Wins!

Some cartoonists will draw two versions of election day cartoons – that’s the best way to be first with the winning cartoon when newspapers go to press with the election results.  Here are my two cartoons that went out today, for Obama winning …

121863 600 Election Cartoons For Whoever Wins! cartoons

And for Romney winning …

121862 600 Election Cartoons For Whoever Wins! cartoons
This week we’re adding a new cartoonist to our site, and to our online store at, our online pay-per-use cartoon store – Pierre Kroll, the famed editorial cartoonist from Belgium.  Welcome, Pierre!  Here are Pierre’s two winner alternative cartoons …

KrollAltWinners Election Cartoons For Whoever Wins! cartoons

Our liberal cartoonist, Bill Day, drew only one alternative, assuming that Obama will win …

121831 600 Election Cartoons For Whoever Wins! cartoons

Our knuckle-dragging conservative cartoonist, Gary McCoy, also drew only one, assuming that Romney will win …

121796 600 Election Cartoons For Whoever Wins! cartoons

I guess that’s what passes for optimism with Bill and Gary. No one can accuse Pierre of optimism.



Election Day

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