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Taylor Jones Decade!

Here are Taylor Jones’ favorite cartoons of the past decade!  Taylor is a great illustrator for scores of books and magazines. He was the regular cartoonist for the El Nuevo Dia newspaper in Puerto Rico for many years, and he drew caricatures for US News & World Report magazine for many years. Taylor now draws for the Hoover Digest.  See Taylor’s favorite cartoons on USA Todaywhere you can click on each cartoon and see it blown up to fill the screen with a pretty, high-resolution image.  See the complete archive of Taylor’s syndicated cartoons here.

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Every day the news is full of Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. We just can’t seem to get enough Ukraine.

We have a great CagleCartoonist from Ukraine, Vladimir Kazanevsky, who has probably won more international cartooning competitions than any other cartoonist in the world –but the international competition world is a different world, with different aesthetics that seem strange and foreign to an American reader.

I noticed that Vlad hadn’t posted any cartoons about the Ukraine/impeachment scandal and I told him that he is the only cartoonist from Ukraine that American readers are likely to see. Vlad’s perch in Kyiv could make his cartoons interesting to Western editors. Vlad then uploaded these three.

It looks like this jester-trap will draw Trump in as he is lured into watching himself on TV.



Here Ukraine is a clown-seal that is getting Trump’s attention …


Here the jester appears to be Ukraine’s brain that is commanding heavy-Trump-the-elephant’s attention.

Vlad’s cartoons are charming, although I must admit that I don’t really understand most of them. This is typical of the international contest cartoonists who have a different cartoon language that doesn’t make much sense to Americans like me. Charming, though.

Here are selections of some of Vlad’s cartoons that I can understand – the first one shows refugees fleeing from a repressive regime.


This one shows our climate-change future.


Here man struggles with oil.


Putin doesn’t seem happy as his cold, Russian Trump-Vodka seems to have turned into poop, which doesn’t go well with caviar.


This charming cartoon shows animals who seem to be demonstrating in favor of their own predators.

All of this is only to show that Vlad is great, but I’m not surprised that we don’t see cartoons from Ukraine in American newspapers even while Ukraine dominates the news.

The photo below shows me with Vlad in Vlad’s studio in Kyiv a few years ago. Behind us are some of Vlad’s trophies from over 500 international cartooning prizes he has won in 52 countries. See Vlad’s archive on


… And here’s an endangered tree, praying while stuck in place.

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Trump, Climate Change and the World

Here is Trump and the world.

Yes, that is a map of the world on the globe’s head. I always wonder if things like that are clear enough. On the black and white version I put a label on the “World”.

Labels are for sissies, but without the color globe wasn’t clearly a globe.

Hey! It is nice to be back home and drawing cartoons again! More on the way!


Two Faced Jerry Brown

Two Faced Jerry Brown © Daryl Cagle,,California, water, drought, environment, global warming, agriculture, farm, farmers, farming, pig, restrictions, cities, hose, lawn, climate change


Two Faced Jerry Brown

Two Faced Jerry Brown © Daryl Cagle,,California,water,drought,environment,global warming,agriculture,farm,farmers,farming,pig,restrictions,cities,hose,lawn,climate change


GOP Rants at Obama

Today’s cartoon was inspired by this nice column about Ted Cruz in, my old Web partner for Cagle.com

I like simple, black line art in editorial cartoons best – there is something more elegant about it, and it is a shame to see it disappearing as editorial cartoonists gin everything up in Photoshop. I’m certain to get complaints about this one because it is wordy and liberal. Here it is in the more elegant black and white version.


A conservative reader posted this comment under the cartoon on my Facebook page:

How about Obama and his attitude toward Israel? How about the fact Obama said he would lower our debt? How about the fact that he lied about health care costs going down? I think it’s clear who is blind

I don’t like Obama, but I like seeing his position seem to evolve on Israel. Obama hasn’t lowered the debt, but he certainly lowered the deficit, I don’t think anyone expected him to lower the debt, particularly given how the Bush administration had tanked the economy. And I think he did lie about health care, still, I like Obamacare better than nothing.

I’d like to see Obama stand up and make more happen. Republicans had a point some time ago, when I drew the “spineless” cartoon below. Obama could start by throwing the 2008 Wall Street crooks into jail – something I think Elizabeth Warren might do if she was president. I don’t have much higher hopes for Hillary.



GOP Rants at Obama

GOP Rants at Obama © Daryl Cagle,,elephant, Republican, global warming, poverty, hunger, race, racial, colorblind, war, bad guys, ISIS, ISIL, Dash, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lybiarepublican, president, Barack Obama, climate change, GOP


California Drought Seal

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Thirsty California Flag

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Climate Change Uganda Boiling Homos

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