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California Burger Police

My cartoon today is bound to anger many of my readers, who expect me to draw liberal cartoons consistently. I’ll explain it! (But my readers will still be angry. Sorry.)

First, notice how I made San Francisco Bay into the state’s mouth? (You have to consider his purple tongue as part of the land defining the shape of the bay.)

My blue, California Burger Policeman is yelling a list of War Against Burgers issues that I face when I go out to eat in Los Angeles. Here’s what the burger policeman is yelling about …

Only small cups for soda!
The California legislature is expected to pass a bill soon that will limit restaurant sales of sugary drinks, like Coca Cola, to small sized cups only. A punitive tax on sugary drinks is also expected to pass statewide, following a similar measure in the city of Berkeley that is seen as successful because it has succeeded in getting poor people to drink more water instead of more expensive soda.

Use this paper straw!
Plastic straws are being banned throughout California, replaced by paper straws that get soggy quickly.

Pay an extra waiter surcharge!
The City of San Francisco has passed a law requiring restaurants to pay underpaid waiters much more. Most restaurants have passed the increased costs on to customers by raising food prices, but many San Francisco restaurants have added a separate surcharge to the bill to account for for the extra cost.

Did you request this straw first? NO? Then FIRE the waiter!
Some jurisdictions in California, including Los Angeles, have new laws that impose severe penalties on restaurants that give straws to customers who didn’t ask for a straw first. There are inspectors who go to restaurants to check on compliance with the straw law, and if they find a customer didn’t ask for a straw before the waiter gave out a straw, they sock the restaurant with a big fine –this leaves restaurants in the position of mitigating the risk of big fines by clamping down on employees. I went out to dinner at the Olive Garden last week and the waitress told me that the staff was warned that if they ever handed out a straw, without the customer asking for it first, they would be fired on the spot. Of-course, the law doesn’t require that waiters be fired, but the penalties are so severe that restaurants threaten the waiters with similarly severe penalties to strike the fear of non-compliance in the waiters.

Free the chickens!
California passed a law not long ago, that requires better living conditions for chickens, who can no longer be kept in small, efficient cages, thereby giving the chickens a better, and more costly, free-range lifestyle.

Cow Farts, Styrofoam and Banning Beef
These issues transcend California, so no explanation here.

I’m usually a liberal cartoonist, but I love my burgers and conservative complaints about the War on Burgers resonate with me, unlike the fictional War on Christmas.

My buddy Pat Bagley drew a similar cartoon from the opposite point of view, that is surely more acceptable to our liberal readers …

If I drew conservative cartoons all the time, I would have a much more successful career as an editorial cartoonist.


I should write a blog post about that.


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True Sex!

Here’s another new batch of my old TRUE cartoons – this time about SEX!


GOP Rants at Obama

Today’s cartoon was inspired by this nice column about Ted Cruz in, my old Web partner for Cagle.com

I like simple, black line art in editorial cartoons best – there is something more elegant about it, and it is a shame to see it disappearing as editorial cartoonists gin everything up in Photoshop. I’m certain to get complaints about this one because it is wordy and liberal. Here it is in the more elegant black and white version.


A conservative reader posted this comment under the cartoon on my Facebook page:

How about Obama and his attitude toward Israel? How about the fact Obama said he would lower our debt? How about the fact that he lied about health care costs going down? I think it’s clear who is blind

I don’t like Obama, but I like seeing his position seem to evolve on Israel. Obama hasn’t lowered the debt, but he certainly lowered the deficit, I don’t think anyone expected him to lower the debt, particularly given how the Bush administration had tanked the economy. And I think he did lie about health care, still, I like Obamacare better than nothing.

I’d like to see Obama stand up and make more happen. Republicans had a point some time ago, when I drew the “spineless” cartoon below. Obama could start by throwing the 2008 Wall Street crooks into jail – something I think Elizabeth Warren might do if she was president. I don’t have much higher hopes for Hillary.



Burgers Burgers Everywhere

Burgers, Burgers, Everywhere!

For American cartoonists hamburgers are tasty junk food, but for cartoonists beyond our borders hamburgers are symbols of America. In fact, unless we’re told that hamburgers are a symbol for the USA, American readers would have a tough time understanding the feast of international burgertoons.

I once sold a cartoon showing the world as a hamburger, by Chile’s cartoonist Alen Lauzan, to be printed in a High School Social Studies textbook; when I saw the book I was surprised to see that the author wrote that the cartoon meant that everyone in the world loves burgers. In fact, it meant that American is imposing itself on the world. Lauzan also drew Guantanamo as a jail-burger. Swiss cartoonist Patrick Chappatte draws an American burger-nuclear-apocalypse. I drew an illegal immigrant behind a wall, lusting after America, in the form of a burger.

Cartoonists enjoy gay senators and poison Barbies – but sometimes we just need a burger break. Everyone should understand that.

Daryl Cagle is a political cartoonist and blogger for Daryl is a past president of the National Cartoonists Society and his cartoons are syndicated to more than 800 newspapers, including the paper you are reading. He runs the most popular cartoon site on the Web at His books “The BIG Book of Bush Cartoons” and “The Best Political Cartoons of the Year, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Editions,” are available in bookstores now.

Daryl is stepping in for Susie Cagle, who is on vacation this week.


Border Wall

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Clinton Operation

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