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China Digests Hong Kong

While the world is absorbed by the coronavirus, China’s nominal legislature decided take away any doubts about Hong Kong independent “special status.” Protestors are now facing the full brunt of China’s heavy hand. I drew this as the Chinese panda digesting Hong Kong, and burping.

I debated whether I should make the burpy umbrellas yellow; yellow umbrellas were the symbol of Hong Kong’s protestors in 2014, and more recent protests have embraced black umbrellas as protection against projectiles and water cannons from police, so I went with black

There aren’t many cartoons about Hong Kong now and my cartoon probably won’t get much ink – still, this should be a time for Hong Kong cartoons. I have selected some of my favorite Hong Kong protest cartoons from the past few years. At the end there are three Hong Kong cartoons from Luojie, our CagleCartoonist who draws for the China Daily, China’s official English language newspaper and voice of the communist government.

Here’s another one of mine …

Daryl Cagle

Patrick Chappatte

Taylor Jones

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Steve Sack

Bob Englehart

Bas van der Schot

Here’s the official Chinese view, from Luojie


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Hong Kong, War and Apple!

Sorry to neglect the blog! I’ve been away on two cartoonist convention trips and I need to catch up!  Here’s the new one today on Hong Kong.

Most people will see this in newspapers in black and white – and I think it is better in black and white.

I drew this as a riff on an oldie. I have lots of problems with Chinese hackers attacking my web sites, and I drew this self-portrait some time ago. I don’t think it got reprinted much, because it was a personal cartoon – better as a Hong Kong cartoon.

Here are a couple of recent cartoons that I forgot to post in the blog. Here’s Obama transforming into George W. Bush. I’m a little late on this one; I should have drawn it a couple of years ago. It probably wouldn’t have been reprinted much two years ago. Now that’s we’re back in Iraq, more and more, the transformation is clear.

The media’s march to war also matches the old march to war in Iraq under George W. Bush. People don’t seem to get that every party that is fighting over there is a bad guy, and bad guys fighting other bad guys is something we should leave alone. We have our priorities out of place, which is the point of the carton below.

The new smart watch from Apple looks pretty cool, but the emphasis on counting steps and the anal focus on health apps seems unpleasant. Here’s my take on it.

While I was away at the cartoonists convention in France for two weeks, I re-posted an oldie. This “evergreen” dove-bomber cartoon is appropriate all too often.

Here’s another one I missed – another riff on Obama and his pen annoying the Republicans. That’s the last one. Now I’m caught up!




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