Foreign Cartoonists Respond to Mubarak’s Ousting

With Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepping down on Friday following weeks of demonstrations, protesters have rushed to the streets to celebrate. As opinion makes around the world weigh in on this important moment in history, and what comes next, let’s turn to cartoonists from all corners of the globe for their unique perspective on yesterday’s events.

Manny Francisco, who draws for the Manila Times newspaper in The Philippines, shows the sand in Mubarak’s hourglass running out.


Australian cartoonist Peter Broelman humorously comments on Mubarak securing his fortune before stepping down.

Singapore cartoonist Deng Coy Miel wonders what’s next after Mubarak’s withdrawal.


French cartoonist Frederick Deligne shows the wave sweeping across the Middle East.

Jordanian cartoonist Emad Hajjaj shows the eventual outcome of a revolution driven by social media.

Scottish cartoonist Brian Adcock draws one of the funniest Mubarak caricatures and illustrates the people of Egypt as a great wonder of the world.


Here’s my take on Mubarak, who flees Egypt under fire.


Mubarak Quits

Mubarak Quits Color © Daryl Cagle,,Hosni Mubarak, Egypt, fire, butt, heat, protests, revolution, Arab, president


My Cartoons on the Egyptian Protests

Here are my cartoons on the continuing protests in Egypt. The best part about covering a story that “has legs” is it allows you to explore multiple aspects of an event from different perspectives as it develops.

TV Pundits on Egypt  © Daryl Cagle,,television, media, Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, protest, regime, revolution, Fox News, CNN, msnbc

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Hosni Mubarak resignation September Egypt


TV Pundits on Egypt

TV Pundits on Egypt Color © Daryl Cagle,,television, media, Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, protest, regime, revolution, Fox News, CNN, msnbc


Cartooning the Egyptian Protests

As Egyptians continue to protest and call for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, the government has responded by cracking down on the media and shutting down the nation’s internet.

This crackdown hasn’t stopped Sherif Arafa, the cartoonist for the state-run Alittihad newspaper in Egypt (click here to view his cartoon archive), from filing new cartoons about the demonstrations. On a normal day Sherif struggles to voice his criticism without triggering the censors in a country where free speech is too often trampled upon.

Working for a government-run newspaper, Sherif is not allowed to draw about specific politicians, such as President Mubarak, or criticize religion. As a way around that, he created a character called “The Responsible” so he could say what he wanted.

Here are some of his most recent cartoons about the protests in Egypt that threaten to topple the Mubarak government: