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These maze cartoons were a proposal for a maze puzzle that I pitched to the syndicates as a Sunday funnies weekly feature way back in 1992.

I like drawing mazes; there is something relaxing about the mindlessness of it. When this feature didn’t get syndicated, the “Really Amazing” “drop panel” on the right evolved into the pitch for my TRUE cartoons in 1994.

Editors often ask us for puzzles, but not enough to pay someone to create puzzles for Cagle Cartoons, I think. Still, if there was something amazing, we’d consider it.

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TRUE Crazy Stuff 2!

Here’s another batch of my TRUE syndicated newspaper cartoons from 1995. I’m culling out the cartoons that are not too stale to include in our database and making little changes so that don’t seem too dated; sometimes that is hard and I have to delete some of my favorite oldies. I’m letting quite a few old style TVs and land line phones sneak through.

I suppose it is more interesting that so little has changed.


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The G7 Piggy Bank

I drew a pro-Trump cartoon again – I know how my readers hate that! Trump is getting hammered in the press today for testy comments following a testy G7 summit in Canada, with Trump saying, “We’re like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing.”

I think “suckling” is a better fit than “robbing”. Trump ran his campaign on toughening up trade relationships, which is something I like. Trump also complained about our allies not paying enough for  their defense, and depending on the US military subsidizing them. I also liked that Trump promised to get us out of foreign wars. I’d like to see Trump do more to keep these promises, especially the one about keeping out of wars. Trump seems to want to meddle around the globe poking every bee hive, at least as much every other president –better that he meddles with tariffs than wars.

My readers, who strongly object when I draw something that veers out of my liberal slot, will have plenty to complain about with this cartoon.


Europe Romance and the Economy

Europe  Romance and the Economy © Daryl Cagle,,Europe,France,Italy,Europe,unemployment,wine,romance,restaurant,cafe,love,date,business


More Pope, Italy, Sequester and Wedgies

magritte pipe2 More Pope, Italy, Sequester and Wedgies cartoonsHere are my latest cartoons. Today the Pope quit, and I drew this one as a riff on Rene Magritte’s famous “This is not a Pipe” painting (right) that we all studied in art history class. We had a recent discussion on Facebook about our brilliant, Mexican/Cuban cartoonist, Angel Boligan, who drew another Magritte allegory about the Pope, which got me thinking.

We get about two phone calls per day from high school students who ask, “what does the cartoon mean?” We tell them they have to do their own homework and we can’t help them. I thought the phone might be ringing off the hook with this one.


NotThePope600 More Pope, Italy, Sequester and Wedgies cartoons

Metaphors with famous paintings are meat and potatoes for editorial cartoonists. Here’s one by Nate Beeler.

79240 600 More Pope, Italy, Sequester and Wedgies cartoons


Magritte did lots of versions of this painting, some in English. I went with the classic French. I thought I would add this Bagley/Pope/Retirement cartoon here – I think it is the best of the bunch.

127981 600 More Pope, Italy, Sequester and Wedgies cartoons


And I drew these two about the sequester.

127757 600 More Pope, Italy, Sequester and Wedgies cartoons

127984 600 More Pope, Italy, Sequester and Wedgies cartoons

Wedgies are a mainstay for editorial cartoonists. Bagley draws better wedgies too.
96650 600 More Pope, Italy, Sequester and Wedgies cartoons

The stock market fell when we heard the result of Italy’s crazy election, which I drew as the Wall Street Bull tripping over Italy’s boot. It was only a one day drop, but Italy’s bonds are down the tube, so I think it still works.


127772 600 More Pope, Italy, Sequester and Wedgies cartoons