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TRUE Stupid Stuff 2!

Here’s another new batch of my old TRUE cartoons from the 1990’s – at least the ones that look like they could still be true. This is from a batch about government.

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TRUE Stupid Stuff!

Here’s a new batch of my old TRUE cartoons. I’m disappointed that so many of these are are dated and don’t hold up over time. I think the stats have only gotten worse in the past 20 years. I’m this batch, there must be twice as many taxing agencies, and the national debt must equal four times the number of grains of surface sand on Jones beach, times $2. I’m putting these up on and and I see that newspapers are starting to run them. I hope those newspapers aren’t counting grains of sand.


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The G7 Piggy Bank

I drew a pro-Trump cartoon again – I know how my readers hate that! Trump is getting hammered in the press today for testy comments following a testy G7 summit in Canada, with Trump saying, “We’re like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing.”

I think “suckling” is a better fit than “robbing”. Trump ran his campaign on toughening up trade relationships, which is something I like. Trump also complained about our allies not paying enough for  their defense, and depending on the US military subsidizing them. I also liked that Trump promised to get us out of foreign wars. I’d like to see Trump do more to keep these promises, especially the one about keeping out of wars. Trump seems to want to meddle around the globe poking every bee hive, at least as much every other president –better that he meddles with tariffs than wars.

My readers, who strongly object when I draw something that veers out of my liberal slot, will have plenty to complain about with this cartoon.

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Flu Epidemic Grips America

The new on TV often doesn’t match up well with the news that actually affects most people – by that measure, I think theft epidemic is the biggest story in the USA right now, with hospitals filled to overflowing across the nation. Also, it is an excuse to draw something different than the rest of the pack of editorial cartoonists who are obsessed with Trump every day.

It is so nice to have an opportunity to draw a nasty monster. I thought about drawing a “flu bug” insect, like the Zika cartoon below …

But the Zika epidemic was transmitted by roaming mosquitos. My “flu bug” looks a bit too much like a reptile.

The image at the right, from Wikipedia, shows what the “flu bug” actually looks like. I don’t find this image to be very interesting; it has no eyes, or legs, or teeth, or snot. If is was an amoeba shape I could take some license with the shape to make arms and legs, but no.

Reptiles are threatening, so, what the hell. The flu is trouble for everybody, including me.



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USA vs Mexico

Sorry to be away from doing the videos for so long! Yesterday I streamed my process drawing this one and you can see the whole thing in real time in the YouTube videos below. Here’s the angry face-off between the Trump-USA and Mexican eagles.

The Mexican eagle really should face the other way, but I flipped the bird.

The video below shows me drawing this one, from scratch, on paper, with a pencil.

In the next video I’m coloring the cartoon in Photoshop …

Yes! The beard is gone for the foreseeable future! (I know that is shocking – it’s still me … really.)


My Fourteen Cartoons on Marriage Equality – In One Day

Last week’s Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage in all fifty states had a direct impact on thirteen states where gay marriage was banned – including my new red-state home, Tennessee.  I drew Bert and Ernie celebrating as the grooms on top of a wedding cake with the flag of the thirteen laggard states, and a general version of the cartoon for fourteen total cartoons.

Tennessee has a lousy state flag. The three stars in the center of the flag represent the union of Western, middle and Eastern Tennessee, and the stripe at the right of the flag represents nothing, it is there for aesthetic purposes – to look pretty. There’s not a lot of backstory to the Tennessee flag.  The other flags are even worse. There is a clear relationship between red-states that reject marriage equality and poorly designed state flags. Take a look …











North Dakota


South Dakota


And a general, all fifty states cartoon …



USA Marriage Equality Celebration

USA Marriage Equality Celebration © Daryl Cagle,,USA,America,Marriage Equality,SCOTUS,Supreme Court,law,wedding,homosexual,LGBT,Bert,Ernie,Muppets,Sesame Street,wedding cake,flags,Gay Marriage


Training Iraqi Troops

Training Iraqi Troops © Daryl Cagle,,Iraq,USA,America,military,army,Barack Obama,dogs,ISIS,ISIL,Daesh,Syria,Middle East


Rudy Giuliani Obama and Loving America

Rudy Giuliani   Obama  and Loving America © Daryl Cagle,,Rudy, Rudolph, Giuliana, New York Mayor, President, Barack Obama, Love, America


My Charlie Hebdo Week Rant

I usually don’t draw such wordy cartoons, but I thought this would get around better than if I wrote the same points in a column.

To explain this one, reading from left to right, the wart-hogs become progressively more disturbing. On the less disturbing left is The Los Angeles Times, which ran a blank, editorial cartoon shaped spot that wasn’t really blank, but contained a line of words, telling readers that this is what the world would look like if there were no editorial cartoons, with an attribution to the write who wrote those words. Ironically, The Los Angeles Times runs no cartoons three days a week or so – they could run that line three times a week with no blank spot. Cartoonists are at their best when times are tough and feelings run high. Editors are most cartoon averse when times are tough and feelings run high. (That said, the LA Times runs three or four of our cartoons a month – we usually love you, LA Times.)

The second wart-hog represents “Web pirates”, who are a problem for cartoonists most of the time, although now they have their heart in the right place with Charlie Hebdo tribute cartoons, and I can’t be too angry at them this week. I’m more angry with the big Web sites like The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post that are stealing cartoons and not paying the cartoonists right now. Even The New York Daily News is non-paying pirate now. Come on people – you should pay the cartoonists. Cartoons are cheap. You can see how important editorial cartoons are around the world now. Pay the cartoonists.

The third wart-hog is The Sun-Sentinel newspaper in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which just laid-off their nationally syndicated cartoonist, Chan Lowe, at a time that couldn’t be more awkward. The Sun-Sentinel just dropped the most important part of their newspaper.

CharlieHebdoCoverMore on word-people who don’t get it – The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, neither of which has an editorial cartoonist. My New York Times wart-hog says, “We can write about dead editorial cartoonists; we don’t need to hire any editorial cartoonists.” My faux quote is inspired by The New York Times‘ famous statement that they don’t need to show the Danish Muhammad cartoons because they can describe the cartoons with words – of-course, they can’t. And The New York Times has been making similar statements recently about not showing the Charlie Hebdo cover.

There are a couple of quotes from The New York Times that I have no attribution for, just cartoonist gossip, but they both ring true. The times is quoted saying, “We would never hire an editorial cartoonist because we would never give so much power to one man.” and the second quote: “We would never hire an editorial cartoonist because you can’t edit art like you can edit words.” At least they are honest, bone-headed word-people. Both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal run cartoon illustrations, where they give an assignment to a illustrator, rather hiring a real editorial cartoonist who draws what he thinks, like a columnist writes what he thinks – no, not that.

President Obama is on the right. Instead of going to Paris with the other world leaders, Obama met with the N.B.A. Champion San Antonio Spurs. Looks like the White House is run by The New York Times.