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Merry Christmas!

Here’s my new Christmas-Trump-impeachment-butt-kissing-cartoon!

This was fun to draw. Here’s one just came in, from the other end of the political spectrum and Sean Delonas

And here are some more of my favorite 2019 Christmas cartoons! This bad-boy is from my Ohio buddy Nate Beeler

This selfie comes from my amigo in Mexico, Angel Boligan

This tired Santa is by my Bulgarian friend, Tchavdar Nikolov

This eye-popper comes from my buddy Rick McKee

Here’s one form my pal, Dave Fitzsimmons

This climate change Christmas comes from Greece and my friend, Michael Kountouris

Merry Christmas everyone – from the cartoonists around the world on!

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Christmas by van Leeuwen

Here’s a Christmas collection from photo realistic, Dutch cartoonist Bart van Leeuwan. Bart is new to and and he is very different from what we’re used to seeing in political cartoons.


These Trump Christmas toys made me laugh. Bart knocks these realistic images out with the same frequency as normal cartoonists. I’m very interested to see if editors, who are typically averse to cartoons that are different, will accept photo realistic cartoons.


I think the two most common themes that foreign cartoonists apply to Americans are McDonalds and Superman. Bart certainly draws lots of pudgy Trump visiting McDonalds. Here’s Trump looking into the McDonalds window like a child peering into a toy store.


Add a Christmas tree and Trump’s everyday lunch becomes a Christmas cartoon.


Visit Bart’s archive to see much more. Bart has lots of recent Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron cartoons. His unique images make surprisingly powerful statements!

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Presidents and Santa

Every year the president sits on Santa’s lap in cartoons from scores of editorial cartoonists. Here’s my Trump in Santa’s lap cartoon for 2018 …


I enjoy these!  Here are a few of my presidential, Santa’s lap oldies; the first one is from 2012 with Santa Obama and Republicans on his lap.


Here’s another Obama-Santa from simpler times. Looking at this I think I should draw the same concept again, with Trump-Santa, which would be funnier.


The next one is from 2007, with President Bush. I think George W. Bush was a worse president than Trump, but he didn’t seem to suffer from the torrent of criticism that Trump does, even as he started a big war, killing hundreds of thousands and leaving a mess that haunts us today.

This Bush-Santa cartoon was from the previous Christmas in 2006.

Just looking back on these makes me want to draw more Santas.


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Welcome Whamond

I’m delighted to welcome a new cartoonist to and our syndication package. Dave Whamond is a brilliant gag cartoonist and children’s book illustrator; he draws the syndicated panel Reality Check and has won a boatload of NCS “Silver Reuben” Awards.

Welcome aboard, Dave! Go kick some cartoon butt!


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Yet another new collection of my old TRUE cartoons, about sex! This is TRUE SEX part 3. I’m updating and entering these into our store as go through these oldies. I’ll have a few more batches before I run out of evergreens.


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TRUE Life Stuff!

This new batch of my old TRUE cartoons is about our crazy lifestyles here in America. Things in our lives haven’t changed much since I drew these – except for the televisions. And phones.

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TRUE Crazy Stuff 2!

Here’s another batch of my TRUE syndicated newspaper cartoons from 1995. I’m culling out the cartoons that are not too stale to include in our database and making little changes so that don’t seem too dated; sometimes that is hard and I have to delete some of my favorite oldies. I’m letting quite a few old style TVs and land line phones sneak through.

I suppose it is more interesting that so little has changed.



Puppies for Putin

Kids dream of getting a puppy for Christmas and Putin is certainly no different. This year, Putin’s dreams come true with puppy Trump and puppy Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson.


Inserting New Rectal Feeding

This is a classic oldie showing dinnertime at Guantanamo. The Gitmo prisoners go on hunger strikes and there was lots of news about how they were force-fed “Ensure” through tubes in their noses. I thought that was fun when superimposed on Norman’s Rockwell’s famous dinnertime painting.

When the new Senate report on CIA torture came out we learned that these guys are also fed rectally, and they drink rectally too, with “rectal hydration.” I thought I had to issue a correction, so here it is …

It is important to be accurate.


You F*** My Wife?

1533940 10151730487696735 1440664892 n You F*** My Wife? cartoons

Cartoon by Pierre Ballouhey

The Facebook comments on Pierre Ballouhey’s Christmas cartoon were fun, so I thought I would post them here.  Enjoy.  See more of Pierre’s cartoons here.

Tim Campbell Stupid

Daryl Cagle  The comments here amuse me.

Pierre Ballouhey Me too. 

Stevi Carroll That would bring down the wrath of the Christians in this country, I’m pretty sure. I’m going to share it – ho ho ho

Jack Smith Nice and on Christmas….maybe he can do another one on a Muslim holy day…oh they will kill him..

Tom Brown Not likely, they don’t take kindly to making fun of their deity. – Such as he is.

Pierre Ballouhey It’s the famous phrase of Robert De Niro in Raging Bull. In France when we are talking about De Niro we said : You fucked my wife, with fun. Perhaps, St Joseph thinked that…

Valerie Harris Hardly, Pierre. You make a living out of these creations.

Marianne Abbott-Klink And I’m not thinking so highly of you, Daryl Cagle, for sharing it.

Valerie Harris Marianne, after posted my comment 4 hours ago, I thought – I did not see this cartoon in Pierre’s archives.
I remember his cartoon on Dec 10 of Mandela, this was a ‘selfie’ with Gandhi and Martin Luther King.
Could this have been a sketch meant to be not for publication…

Marianne Abbott-Klink Wow. Obviously this person has no idea of who God is.

Raymond Cheung Think of it as a surrogate mother with artificial insemination …

Larry West “It wasn’t like that, man! There was no actual sex involved! Invitro fertilization, man!”

Emmanuel Choudhury Please do not criticise or make fun of our Almighty Father God. His mercy for us is infinite. We are now living in 2013 A.D. We all know that A.D stands for “in the years of our Lord”. Holy Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and resurrected just to save the mankind from their sins. Dear people please do not make fun of the Creator and do not invite curse. I have witnessed the horrible lives and deaths of famous people those who made fun of Holy Lord knowingly or unknowingly. May the Almighty God give you right-thinking brains

Jack Radey Because religious stories are so often so silly, leaving themselves open and easy targets of satire.

Mary the Virgin, was PG
Gabriel said, “Just blame it on me!”

ch: Rockin’ Jesus, ooo-eeee, Rockin Jesus, ooooo-ee
Hoppin’ and a boppin’ and a rockin’ up and down on the cross.

Her excuse, pretty wild,
Said it was a holy child,
ch, etc

Juan Rodriguez not funny

Maggie Richards Yes it is!!!

Ken Rohrer Pretty offensive cartoon. You guys would never do this to other religions.

Maggie Richards Only if you believe that crazyass story that Mary told.

Yvonne Melchionne Trimble The fool has said in his heart that there is no God!

Aris Kosionidis Why is blasphemy so frequently funny?

Sylvie Bernardin Poher Hilarious! I mean, the reactions to the cartoon of course….

Valerie Harris – oh dear, bad, bad form. :0(

Valerie Harris …to think he did such a great Mandela ‘selfie’ one on Dec 10, then resorts to puerile efforts to appease whom?

Donald Miller Wow. Isn’t that awful.

Richard York Oooh! Bad taste.

Kenneth Gifford Better to believe and be right then not believe and be wrong….

Robert Rex Jackson Which is why I have garlic hanging around all my windows to protect me from vampires. Oh wait, I don’t…

Wondawond AZ Where is the dislike icon Zuck.

Robin Rush Not liking this one!

Scott Schrader We covered Joseph’s quandary last Sunday. Law at the time allowed putting the woman out to the crowd to be stoned to death.

Manny Soy U like an editorial cartoon page and then are offended by the content,,, so u unlike,,, that is what I call stupid.

Maggie Richards Couldn’t agree more!

Mohamad Ismail Alhaj استغفر الله العظيم ! فكرة سخيفة جدا الله يهديكم
See Translation: Tahereh! A very silly idea God guide you (Translated by Bing)

Daniel Rodriguez Lol. Love it. Hilarious.

Wesley Willard Unlike page

Apin Apin What is the meaning of this ?

Donald Miller You don’t want to know.

Amer Aboukhir Rusty Kirov Amma

David Topper Tobkin I don’t know why but it’s so Italian, “you fucka my wife?”

Maggie Richards LMAO.. I have to send that comment to an Italian friend!!!

David Topper Tobkin In reading the other comments here I come to the thinking that people really need to lighten up.


Maggie Richards I agree. Good grief. Grow a sense of humor for New Years.


Yvonne Melchionne Trimble There is nothing amusing about mocking God and believers, sheer ignorance. Even a fool is wise in his silence.

Maggie Richards Sure it’s especially amusing watching those who believe in something no one has ever seen making asses of themselves.

Myna Lee Johnstone hahaha

Josep Maria Uño Ribo Bona preguntaSee Translation

Alok Singh Bhadouria Weird. When we are having unlike button mark ?

Marco van Bergen seen funnier …

Yvonne Melchionne Trimble Hell will be “outer darkness, a flame that is never quenched, weeping and gnashing of teeth” no laughing there. Just b/c the virgin birth is miraculous does not make it amusing. It makes the amused faithless.

Robert Rex Jackson Is he quoting Eddie Izzard?

George Modilevsky This is nothing but too sexual and weird…….Not so cute ! Merry sexual whatever anyway ! George.

Joey Grim Nope, don’t care for this one.

Maggie Richards Gotta send this one to a neighbor who is a rabid fundamentalist & always announcing that she is “going to save me”. Then I will have to lock my door!!!

Joey Grim Wow, Daryl, amuses you? Really?

Valerie Harris – Joey, Daryl Cagle has irritated me throughout today (Dec 26 in Australia) dismissing valid critcs by being lamely ‘amused’.

I don’t usually let crass comments affect me,
but the way he has chosen to publish a card sent to him for Christmas Day, deflecting HIS part in the public/viral airing in the mocking of Jesus Christ’s birth, is just cowardly.
As others have stated, try doing that to other feisty religions…
Talk about taking cheap shots.

Durga Prasad Sangu Hahaha!