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Melania Trump, the Media and Plagiarism!

I’m back from my brilliant cartoonist/journalist daughter, Susie’s wedding. I promise I’ll draw more cartoons. Really, I promise. I drew this one live on Twitch yesterday, about Melania Trump’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention in 2008. I don’t care much about this non-issue, but it makes for a funny scene, which is the extent of my take on this.

I know that the Donald is quite tall, but I feel compelled to draw him shorter, and I expect that the cartoons of Trump will grow shorter with time. Melania is a wonderful, goofy character to draw and I look forward to more of her! Readers might recognize my group of running media in this cartoon, which I re-use at every opportunity. I like the idea that the breathless media chasing down the next stupid thing is the same, over and over. In the video below see me drawing this one, and importing the media gaggle from a Cagle cartoon oldie.

In the next video below, watch me color this one in Photoshop while I chat with viewers on Twitch.




Readers thoughts about Michelle Obama’s speech

Taylor Jones /

Michelle Obama gave her big Democratic Convention speech last night, and based on the reaction from both readers and pundits, the First Lady hit the ball out of the park.

We got a lot of feedback after the speech from our readers and cartoon fans on our Facebook page, and some of it was directed at Taylor Jones’ caricature, which is posted to the right:

Denise Sevier Fries: Made me cry…and I’m Canadian!

Patty Anderson O’Daniel: A breathe of fresh air after seeing that plastic FLOTUS wannabe last week… So genuine, caring and passionate! Someone we can relate to!

Denise Sevier Fries: Taylor Jones (the artist) is obviously channeling Picasso with all the disproportional facial features etc…but in this case, imitation is NOT a form of flattery.

Kathryn Rogers: Musial Michele brought it all home….AWSOME lady!

Dottie Turner: Mr. Cagle. Is it a prerequisite for all characatures that they be insulting? Mrs. Obama is a beautiful woman, she is well spoken, thoughtful and endearing. Mrs. Romney, on the other hand bears a rather striking to ‘the bride of chucky ‘.

Don Mitchell: Personable, eloquently delivered.

Ben Stewart: She connect with me much better than Ann did. All I really got from Ann was trust my husband, but Mrs. Romney failed to give me a reason to do so.

Emad Wilson: Her speech was quite,appropriate and invigorating.

Personally, I think Taylor’s caricature of the First Lady is great. It’s hard for cartoonists to draw attractive people – almost as hard as it is for us to draw positive cartoons about politics. I haven’t drawn Michelle much in my cartoons, but here’s an old one during the 2008 campaign where then-candidate Obama’s patriotism was questioned:

What did you think of Michelle Obama’s speech? Comment below, or drop us a line on our Facebook page.



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