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Democrat Guernica

There is horror and anguish in the ranks of the Democratic Party these days. Pablo Picasso’s Guernica is probably the best known visual icon for horror and anguish.

Here’s a detail …


Eight years ago I drew a similar cartoon when Democrats won the presidency and congress – to the horror of Republicans.

I’ve had the GOP version up as the top image on my Facebook page for years, And I’ve gotten lots of complaints about it, usually from very literal conservatives who write things like, “Guernica is about the Spanish civil war – it has nothing to do with Republicans!” I also got lots of criticism from conservatives who wanted to point out that I’m not as good an artist as Pablo Picasso. Here’s an image of the real “Guernica.”


This David Fitzsimmons oldie about George W. Bush painting Iraq is a nice one.


Worldwide cartoonists like to use flags in their cartoons – the problem is that the American audience doesn’t know their flags. Here’s our Greek cartoonist, Michael Kountouris drawing a combination of the Syrian flag and Guernica.

Here’s my Cuban cartoonist friend in Mexico, Angel Boligan, with Violence in Video Games …

Here’s another nice one from Boligan, simply titled, “Insurance.”


Gotta love Guernica.



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Trump and the Khan Family

The Democratic National Convention seems to have all boiled down to one speaker, Khizr Khan, who’s son was killed in action in Iraq, and who’s speech wasn’t even scheduled in prime time. Trump wants to strike back at anyone who criticizes him, without regard to who is giving the criticism.  Tone-deaf Trump compares his own “sacrifice” as a businessman to the Kahn’s sacrifice.

And on the other side, it is interesting to see the GOP stalwarts stand up for a “gold star” family in this case, given how nasty they have been to Cindy Sheehan over the years.

Watch me draw this one in real time in the video below.

Wasn’t that great? Now watch me color it in Photoshop!

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Gets the Boot

I’m not too happy with my Putin and Bernie in this one, but Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is great fun to draw. Her hair is fun. Somehow I’m guessing she’s be around for a while in one way or another.

Here I am drawing this one live (as of 1:00pm Pacific Time Tuesday, this had another hour to finish uploading – come back later if you are early!)

And here I color it in real time …


Best Cartoons of the Week

Every Friday, we collect the best political cartoons of the week and stuff them into one big, glorious slideshow.

So just relax and catch up on a week’s worth of news with our Best Cartoons of the Week slideshow.

Chris Weyant / The Hill (click to launch slideshow)



Readers thoughts about Michelle Obama’s speech

Taylor Jones /

Michelle Obama gave her big Democratic Convention speech last night, and based on the reaction from both readers and pundits, the First Lady hit the ball out of the park.

We got a lot of feedback after the speech from our readers and cartoon fans on our Facebook page, and some of it was directed at Taylor Jones’ caricature, which is posted to the right:

Denise Sevier Fries: Made me cry…and I’m Canadian!

Patty Anderson O’Daniel: A breathe of fresh air after seeing that plastic FLOTUS wannabe last week… So genuine, caring and passionate! Someone we can relate to!

Denise Sevier Fries: Taylor Jones (the artist) is obviously channeling Picasso with all the disproportional facial features etc…but in this case, imitation is NOT a form of flattery.

Kathryn Rogers: Musial Michele brought it all home….AWSOME lady!

Dottie Turner: Mr. Cagle. Is it a prerequisite for all characatures that they be insulting? Mrs. Obama is a beautiful woman, she is well spoken, thoughtful and endearing. Mrs. Romney, on the other hand bears a rather striking to ‘the bride of chucky ‘.

Don Mitchell: Personable, eloquently delivered.

Ben Stewart: She connect with me much better than Ann did. All I really got from Ann was trust my husband, but Mrs. Romney failed to give me a reason to do so.

Emad Wilson: Her speech was quite,appropriate and invigorating.

Personally, I think Taylor’s caricature of the First Lady is great. It’s hard for cartoonists to draw attractive people – almost as hard as it is for us to draw positive cartoons about politics. I haven’t drawn Michelle much in my cartoons, but here’s an old one during the 2008 campaign where then-candidate Obama’s patriotism was questioned:

What did you think of Michelle Obama’s speech? Comment below, or drop us a line on our Facebook page.