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Siers Decade!

Kevin Siers’ favorite cartoons of the past decade are below! Kevin is the staff cartoonist for The Charlotte Observer in North Carolina. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner and the president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.  See Kevin’s favorite cartoons of the decade on USA Todaywhere you can click on each cartoon and see it blown up to fill the screen with a pretty, high-resolution image.  See the complete archive of Kevin’s editorial cartoons here.

Look at our other, great collections of Cartoon Favorites of the Decade, selected by the artists.

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Nate Beeler Decade!
Daryl Cagle Decade! 
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Jeff Koterba Decade!
RJ Matson Decade!
Gary McCoy Decade!
Rick McKee Decade!
Milt Priggee Decade!
Bruce Plante Decade!
Steve Sack Decade!
Bill Schorr Decade!
Kevin Siers Decade!
Ed Wexler Decade!
Chris Weyant Decade!
Adam Zyglis Decade!

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The Best of Roger Stone

News that comes out on Fridays push editorial cartoons into the next week as cartoonists and editors have already planned ahead for the weekend –that’s how it is with the indictment of Roger Stone last Friday. I’m sure we’ll see more Roger Stone cartoons trickle in this week. Here’s my Stone toon and some of my Roger Stone favorites …


I love this Taylor Jones cartoon –and so does Roger Stone, who licensed it from us to run in his recent book.


This Stone keystone is by my buddy, Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle …


Here are a couple from our new, photo-realist cartoonist, Bart van Leeuwen


This one is from John Cole

This is from Adam Zyglis

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Trump as Nixon

Here’s my Trump as Nixon!

I just got back from a National Cartoonists Society/USO trip to Bahrain, drawing for the troops. Next week I’m off to Belgium for the Festival in Virton and an exhibition of my work.  Sorry for all the time away. I’ll draw lots of cartoons in June. Really. And I’ll do another blog post about my Bahrain trip.

Of-course, whenever I’m away there is lots of news and I wish I was here drawing cartoons. Trump firing FBI director Comey was big news everywhere and the obvious cartoon to draw was Trump as Nixon, while the pundits on TV were making references to Trump and Nixon’s famous “Saturday Night Massacre” firing the Watergate Special Prosecutor who was investigating Nixon, along with a couple of Attorney Generals. A combo Trump/Nixon was the obvious cartoon to draw and I expected that a lot of other cartoonists would draw the same thing at the same time. It is fun to draw.

One issue we have with “yahtzees” or cartoonists drawing the same obvious image at the same time, is that the cartoon that is obvious to cartoonists typically isn’t obvious to readers or editors – and it is usually the cartoon that editors really want. There’s an old saying among cartoonists, “If one other guy drew it, you’re a plagiarist, if three other guys drew it, you’re a hack, if five other guys drew it, you’re following a great tradition.”

I sketched this one up on the plane back from Bahrain and expected to see some other Nixon/Trumps when I got back to the USA. I wasn’t disappointed. Still, I’ll bet all of these get a good rate of reprinting. Here is how some of my other favorite cartoonists handled their Trump/Nixons. This first one is by Taylor Jones

Here’s one by Jeff Darcy of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer …

This one is by Trevor Irvin from Florida …

The next one is by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle …

This one is by RJ Matson

This one is by Jeff Koterba of the Omaha World-Herald …

Here’s another from Mark Streeter from the Savannah Morning News …

There are lots more Nixon/Trumps on our site and other editorial cartoon sites. Collect them all!




Richard Nixon is great fun to draw.  It would have been wonderful to work as an editorial cartoonist during the Watergate days.  It was an editorial cartooning renaissance.

This week, the pack of cartoonists all ran in the direction of comparing Barack Obama with Richard Nixon because of Obama’s worsening three scandals: the AP records seizure, Benghazi and the IRS.  I draw metamorphosis cartoons every so often, when the news seems to be calling out for them.  Here is the line art for Obama turning into Nixon, which most readers will see in newspapers that print in black and white.

131811 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Here’s the color version.

131837 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Just after the presidential election, the folks at Fox News were apoplectic about their loss, and ranted that Obama would be free to be the wild, radical leftist they knew he was all along, now that he was freed from the constraints of needing to be re-elected.  So I drew this metamorphosis cartoon.

126129 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Back when Apple was rejecting my iPhone app applications, I drew this Apple metamorphosis cartoon …

77897 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

And I drew this one when Disney bought Marvel Comics.
68520 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Cartoonists draw evolution themed cartoons all the time – which are pretty similar to metamorphosis, I guess.  Here is Mitt Romney, and his evolving views about evolution, from back in 2007.

35613 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Here’s an evolving Donald Trump from 2011.

91586 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

And a general evolution of man cartoon …

31958 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Cartooning, evolution and metamorphosis! It’s a tradition!  I’m working on another one today.





Obama Transforms Into Nixon

Obama Transforms Into Nixon © Daryl Cagle,,Barack Obama,president,Richard Nixon,Watergate,tranform,metamorphosis,Benghazi,IRS,AP records,AP records, benghazi coverup, IRS Tea Party, transformation