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The Most Popular Cartoons of the Month, May 2020

Here are the most popular cartoons of the month of May, 2020. Regular readers of my blog and newsletter will have seen all of these cartoons in our weekly roundups of the Top Ten Most Popular cartoons. Our Top Ten is a measure of how many of our subscribing newspaper editors choose to reprint each of our cartoons, from the 63 cartoonists in our syndication package. The list clearly shows that newspaper editors have been looking for cartoons about the lighter side of the pandemic.

I’d like to keep these lists to only ten cartoons, but this month we had a three way tie for the 10th place cartoon so there are 12 cartoons on the list. Out of the top 12, a whopping five cartoons are by Jeff Koterba of The Omaha World-Herald (Jeff sneaked two of those into the tie for 10th place). The #1 cartoon is by Steve Sack of The Minneapolis Star-Tribune. I had two cartoons on the list myself. Congratulations to the other cartoonists with the most reprinted cartoons this month, RJ Matson, Nate Beeler, Dave Granlund and Randy Enos.

20% of the cartoonists get 80% of the sales and reprints, and most of the cartoonists never make it into the Top Ten.  If you don’t like the Top Ten, take it up with your local newspaper editor. Just about half of America’s daily, paid circulation newspapers subscribe to

Our reader supported site,, still needs you!  Journalism is threatened with the pandemic that has shuttered newspaper advertisers. Some pundits predict that a large percentage of newspapers won’t survive the pandemic economic slump, and as newspapers sink, so do editorial cartoonists who depend on newspapers, and along with them, our site, that our small, sinking syndicate largely supports, along with our fans.

The world needs political cartoonists more now than ever. Please consider supporting and visit  We need you! Don’t let the cartoons die!


The most reprinted cartoon of the month is from Steve Sack.



The second most popular cartoon of the month is by Jeff Koterba.



This third most popular cartoon is also by Jeff Koterba.



RJ Matson takes 4th place with this gem.


My cartoon is in 5th place. See the Daryl Cagle archive here.


I’m also in 6th place. See my archive.


Jeff Koterba is tied for 7th place with his third cartoon on the most reprinted list.


Nate Beeler is also tied for 7th place.


Dave Granlund is in 9th place.



Here’s Randy Enos in a three way tie for 10th place.


Jeff Koterba has two of the three cartoons tied for #10


This is Jeff Koterba‘s second cartoon tied for #10. Jeff dominates with an impressive five cartoons on our most reprinted cartoons of the month list.

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Enos Decade!

Here are Randy Enos’ favorite cartoons of the past decade!  Randy is a legendary illustrator and one of the founding creators at The National Lampoon.

See Randy’s favorite cartoons on USA Todaywhere you can click on each cartoon and see it blown up to fill the screen with a pretty, high-resolution image.  See the complete archive of Randy’s syndicated cartoons here.

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Steve Sack Decade!

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Notre Dame Fire

4/16/19 A bunch of new Notre Dame Fire cartoon favorites are added below. –Daryl

It was such a horror, watching the fire consume Notre Dame. I drew a cartoon as fast as I could –a teardrop cartoon. It was the best I could come up with on short notice. The editorial cartoonists think teardrop cartoons are trite, but we all do them. Readers love the teardrop cartoons at tragic times. I went with the Charles Laughton hunchback. So sad to see this unfold.

Here are some new favorites, from the day after, 4/16/19 …

This one is by my friend, French cartoonist Robert Rousso


This one is by Sean Delonas.


This is by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle.

This one is by Jeff Koterba of the Omaha World Herald.

This is by Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.


The first Notre Dame cartoon that came in to us was from my buddy, Randy Enos.

This one is by RJ Matson.

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Disney Swallows Fox

Disney finally closed their huge deal to purchase Fox studios, which doesn’t include Fox News, but include the Simpsons, and movie franchises like missing chunks of Marvel including TheX-Men, The Fantastic Four and Deadpool. Mmm. Tasty.

I did another Disney Eats Fox cartoon back when the deal was first announced.

Here a yummy one by my buddy Stephane Peray.

My pal Randy Enos drew this after-dinner Mickey.

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True Sex!

Here’s another new batch of my old TRUE cartoons – this time about SEX!

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Xi the Pooh

limWinnie the Pooh is banned on the internet in China because the lovable bear, with a crown on his head, was used as a symbol to criticize Chinese president-for-life, Xi Jinping.

Xi really does look like Winnie the Pooh. China’s parliament recently voted to rescind term limits, allowing Xi to be president as long as he wants. The famous “great firewall of China” came to life to censor all references to Pooh to squelch any possible dissent. China also banned the letter “N” because it was being used in the equation “N > 2” with “N” being the number of terms that the president is allowed as “2” has been changed to infinity. Search terms were also banned, including “my emperor,” “lifelong” and “shameless.”

The great firewall of China also censored the term “#MeToo.” I suppose there must be many sexual abusers in China who feel they need broad protection from criticism. The emojis for bunnies and rice, and the term “#RiceBunny” are censored because “rice, bunny” (米兔) is pronounced “mi tu” in Chinese.

Most of the population of the world lives in nations, like China, where cartoonists are not allowed to draw the leaders of their countries. Cartoonists in some of these nations, such as Egypt, have invented little kings or generals to represent their leaders. I admire the passion of those who struggle to speak truth to power where truth is banned.



Richard Nixon is great fun to draw.  It would have been wonderful to work as an editorial cartoonist during the Watergate days.  It was an editorial cartooning renaissance.

This week, the pack of cartoonists all ran in the direction of comparing Barack Obama with Richard Nixon because of Obama’s worsening three scandals: the AP records seizure, Benghazi and the IRS.  I draw metamorphosis cartoons every so often, when the news seems to be calling out for them.  Here is the line art for Obama turning into Nixon, which most readers will see in newspapers that print in black and white.

131811 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Here’s the color version.

131837 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Just after the presidential election, the folks at Fox News were apoplectic about their loss, and ranted that Obama would be free to be the wild, radical leftist they knew he was all along, now that he was freed from the constraints of needing to be re-elected.  So I drew this metamorphosis cartoon.

126129 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Back when Apple was rejecting my iPhone app applications, I drew this Apple metamorphosis cartoon …

77897 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

And I drew this one when Disney bought Marvel Comics.
68520 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Cartoonists draw evolution themed cartoons all the time – which are pretty similar to metamorphosis, I guess.  Here is Mitt Romney, and his evolving views about evolution, from back in 2007.

35613 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Here’s an evolving Donald Trump from 2011.

91586 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

And a general evolution of man cartoon …

31958 600 Metamorphosis! cartoons

Cartooning, evolution and metamorphosis! It’s a tradition!  I’m working on another one today.





Lincoln Vampires and Disneyland

Lincoln  Vampires and Disneyland © Daryl Cagle,,Great moments with Mr. Lincoln,Abraham Lincoln,Disneyland,Disneyworld,Disney,mouse ears,hat,vacation,movie,Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter


Disney Buys Marvel Comics

Disney Buys Marvel Comics © Daryl Cagle,,The Walt Disney Company, Disney, Mickey Mouse, The Incredible Hulk, Hulk, Bruce Banner, Marvel Comics, business, economy, stock market


WTC Memorials Page 3

WTC Memorials Page 3 © Daryl Cagle,,World Trade center, Memorials, ideas, small world, Disneyland, Disney, Eternal Smoke, smoke, September 11th, 9/11, 9-11