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TRUE Stupid Stuff 2!

Here’s another new batch of my old TRUE cartoons from the 1990’s – at least the ones that look like they could still be true. This is from a batch about government.


Fat Uncle Sam

Fat Uncle Sam © Daryl Cagle,,Uncle Sam,cake,food,eat,vegetables,broccoli,Barack Obama,ice cream,budget,deficit,spending,fiscal cliff,obesity,fat


My Cartoons About California’s Deficit Crisis

California is my home state, and for years our state legislature has been kicking the budget deficit can down the road. Now it seems we might have reached the end, as legislators struggle to close a new, eye-catchingly large $16-billion deficit, which has nearly doubled since Gov. Jerry Brown released his initial budget proposal in January.

This is nothing new for our state. Back in 2009, when the state faced a $21 billion deficit, I suggested several new flag designs that California could adopt, all featuring the same blame-free bear.

Unfortunately, there might not be much of a future for that poor bear if we can’t figure this problem out..

Many are calling Brown a butcher for proposing $8.3 billion in cuts, which include slashing welfare, social services and health care for the elderly, and converting state workers to a four-day work week…

Brown’s budget assumes voters will pass $8.5 billion in new taxes, but I don’t know many people who are going to support it…

Businesses are fleeing California as fast as they can…


As much as I love California, it’s not hard to see what it might look like in the future…


My Super Committee Cartoons

From the start, I suspected the so-called “Super Committee” (view all our Super committee cartoons) was doomed to failure. After all, when has Congress proved it can come together and get anything done over the past couple of years?

Here’s my latest cartoon about the realization of their unsurprising failure:

The only group happy about this debacle are the turkeys roaming around Washington. They’ll be safe this Thanksgiving:

In all honestly, Superman should be ashamed that these Congressional buffoons have co-opted even a part of his name:

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Super Committee Thanksgiving

Super-Committee Thanksgiving COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,supercommittee,democrats,turkey,deficit,republicans,elephant,donkey,jackass,jack-ass,pilgrim,thanksgiving,holiday


Wall Street Roller Coaster

Well, so much for yesterday’s recovery.

Stocks are down sharply today, as investors continue to worry about the possibility of a double-dip recession. Instability seems to be the new norm, and if we’re going to be treated to a volatile market of ups and down, might as well enjoy a laugh and check out our new Roller Coaster Ride on Wall Street cartoon slideshow.

Joe Heller / Green Bay Press-Gazette (click to view slideshow)



10 Tea Party Extremism Cartoons

Are members of the tea party extremists? Some pundits seem to think so, pointing to the last couple of months where they were successfully able to hold Congress and President Obama hostage in order to get their demands passed.

One thing’s for certain – tea party members have certainly shaken-up the corridors of power in Washington. Whether that’s a good thing for the country remains to be seen.

Cartoonists are never afraid to weigh in on the tough questions, and it’s no different with the tea party. Here are 10 political cartoons that explore the notion of the tea party, and whether or not we should think of them as extremists.


Bill Day notices some striking similarities between Muslim extremists and the tea party…

Monte Wolverton explores what the tea party is spewing…

Florida Today cartoonist Jeff Parker thinks the tea party has gone overboard on what they’ve thrown overboard…

Caricaturist Taylor Jones thinks Eric Cantor points the way forward for the tea party…

Buffalo News cartoonist Adam Zyglis thinks we should change the spelling of “tea”…

R.J. Matson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch shows the reaction the tea party has to the word “compromise”…

Dutch cartoonist Joep Bertrams thinks the tea party have performed a hold-up…

While Eric Allie thinks Democrats and the main stream media have misrepresented the tea party all together…

Some still point to race, as Brian Duffy does with his cartoon…

While Hartford Courant cartoonist Bob Englehart thinks they’re just out to wreck the country…


Debt Argument

Debt Argument © Daryl Cagle,,debt ceiling,deficit,donkey,elephant,GOP,republican,democrat,Congress,hospital,economy,uncle sam


Debt Ceiling

Debt Ceiling Color © Daryl Cagle,,Debt Ceiling,deficit,donkey,elephant,GOP,republican,democrat,Congress


Cartoon Week in Review

Click here to view our Week in Review cartoon slideshow.

Debt, debt debt! This week’s news has been dominated by the inability of Obama and Republicans to agree on a deal that would allow the debt ceiling to be raised. We also had some guy named Murdoch dealing with a horrible phone-hacking scandal that led to the shuttering of one of England’s most popular newspapers, and continues to threaten the titan’s media empire. All while Atlantis circles the Earth and finishes its mission at the International Space Station, and prepares to bring an end to the 30-year space shuttle program.

Phew! Another busy news week. Check out our Week in Review cartoon slideshow to see the best political cartoons of the week.

Daryl Cagle / (click to view the Week in Review cartoon slideshow)