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Blame China! Part 1

President Trump has recently been more vocal in blaming China for the coronavirus, as have many voices in the media. China is blamed for being slow to respond to the virus, for silencing Chinese critics and for releasing dubious statistics and propaganda. There are reports that American intelligence agencies are investigating claims that the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan that was studying the virus in bats. China has pushed back hard against these accusations and we can see the blame game clearly in our cartoons.  This is the first of two “Blame China” collections of cartoons.

Cartoon by Arcadio Esquivel, Costa Rica

I’m starting out with the cartoons from Luojie, our CagleCartoonist from Beijing who draws for The China Daily, China’s state owned, national English language newspaper. Loujie draws the Chinese government’s official point of view, pushing back against the criticism coming from America.

Interestingly, most of the “blame China” cartoons come from international cartoonists and few come from American cartoonists, even though China focuses on criticism coming from the USA.



Only one other CagleCartoonist takes the Chinese point of view, Hajo from France …


All the rest of the cartoonists have jumped on the “blame China” bandwagon …

Alla and Chavdar, Bulgaria


Osama Hajjaj, Jordan

The next three come from our Dutch, photo-realistic cartoonist, Bart van Leeuwen …

Bart van Leeuwen

Manny Francisco, Singapore/Phillipines

See Blame China Part 2

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Yet another new collection of my old TRUE cartoons, about sex! This is TRUE SEX part 3. I’m updating and entering these into our store as go through these oldies. I’ll have a few more batches before I run out of evergreens.