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Darkow Decade!

Here are John Darkow’s favorite cartoons of the past decade! John is the staff cartoonist for The Columbia Missourian.

See John’s favorite cartoons on USA Today where you can click on each cartoon and see it blown up to fill the screen with a pretty, high-resolution image. John’s cross-hatching is very impressive in a large scale!  See the complete archive of John’s syndicated cartoons here.

Look at our other, great collections of Cartoons Favorites of the Decade, selected by the artists.
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Trump’s Wandering Eye

President Trump surprised the pundits and his own Republican party when he sided with the Democrats this week. Trump hasn’t been getting much from the grouchy, ineffectual Republicans, so it shouldn’t be surprising that his eye starts to wander.

That Democrat is quite a cutie.

This cartoon is similar to one I drew many years ago, when President George W. Bush was looking to jump into wars around the globe.

Men don’t change much, huh?



Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo

Here is my last week of cartoons.  Today I’m headed out for the editorial cartooning convention in St. Just, France, with my brilliant cartoonist buddies, Steve Sack, Bob Englehart and Pat Bagley.

Here’s my most recent cartoon, with the GOP all tied up in a knot.  They seem to be pretty dysfunctional right now, gumming up the government for everybody.  (I was just drawing the heels of his shoes with the old fashioned nails and gripper on the back, I wasn’t think of his heels having happy faces.  I guess I have to think of everything.)

600 GOPknot300dpiCMYK9 Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


I did a second GOP knot cartoon this week, which makes the point more about the split in the Republican party.

600 ElephantKnot300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


I’m trying to do more texture in my cartoons.  I’ve been asked why I do the yellow backgrounds so often in my cartoons.  I like the yellow because it is intense and light so that it doesn’t draw away from the line art.

I drew a THIRD Republican knot cartoon this week.  This is my knotty Republican week.  Here is the GOP hanging himself on the medical Caduseus (Obamacare).

1790B GOPCadeuseus300dpiCMY Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons

Enough of knots. When Ted Cruz was doing his useless filibuster, reading from Dr. Seuss, and the other cartoonists were all making Dr. Seuss metaphors, I was rather more annoyed with Cruz, so I drew him as a monkey throwing his poop.

600 CruzMonkey300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons

I know that there won’t be many newspapers that will print this (if any will at all).  I guess that is one of the perks of being my own editor – I can draw whatever I want even if nobody wants to see it.  This cartoon is actually a homage to the great, British cartoonist Steve Bell, who drew a famous image of George W. Bush in a similar pose.  I’m a big Steve Bell fan.

The last one for the week is this Republican suicide bomber cartoon.  I’m leaving for the convention in France at a difficult time, with all the wonderful, crazy politics going on now.  I won’t be drawing new cartoons for a week or so, but when I come back I expect to have some pent up angst, ready for the drawing board.

600 GovtBomb300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


National Buffoons

National Buffoons © Daryl Cagle,,Republicans,gun,pistol,handgun,debt ceiling,deficit spending,dog,shoot,kill,National Lampoon,magazine,Debt Ceiling


Cartoon Week in Review

Every Friday, we collect the best political cartoons of the week and throw them into one big, glorious slideshow for you to enjoy (click here to view this week’s slideshow).

This week’s news was dominated by Congress and Obama finally agreeing on a compromise to raise the debt ceiling. Unfortunately, that didn’t do much to settle nervousness on Wall Steeet, which saw its largest one-day decline since 2008.

So sit back, relax and have a quick laugh at our new Cartoon Week in Review cartoon slideshow.

Bill Day / Cagle Cartoons (click to view slideshow)



Wall Street Drop and Debt Ceiling

Wall Street Drop and Debt Ceiling © Daryl Cagle,,stock market,bull,wall street,debt ceiling,elephant


10 Tea Party Extremism Cartoons

Are members of the tea party extremists? Some pundits seem to think so, pointing to the last couple of months where they were successfully able to hold Congress and President Obama hostage in order to get their demands passed.

One thing’s for certain – tea party members have certainly shaken-up the corridors of power in Washington. Whether that’s a good thing for the country remains to be seen.

Cartoonists are never afraid to weigh in on the tough questions, and it’s no different with the tea party. Here are 10 political cartoons that explore the notion of the tea party, and whether or not we should think of them as extremists.


Bill Day notices some striking similarities between Muslim extremists and the tea party…

Monte Wolverton explores what the tea party is spewing…

Florida Today cartoonist Jeff Parker thinks the tea party has gone overboard on what they’ve thrown overboard…

Caricaturist Taylor Jones thinks Eric Cantor points the way forward for the tea party…

Buffalo News cartoonist Adam Zyglis thinks we should change the spelling of “tea”…

R.J. Matson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch shows the reaction the tea party has to the word “compromise”…

Dutch cartoonist Joep Bertrams thinks the tea party have performed a hold-up…

While Eric Allie thinks Democrats and the main stream media have misrepresented the tea party all together…

Some still point to race, as Brian Duffy does with his cartoon…

While Hartford Courant cartoonist Bob Englehart thinks they’re just out to wreck the country…


Cartoon Week in Review

It’s been a busy week – everything from a Norwegian terrorist to the death of a Grammy Award-winning singer, plus some debt ceiling nonsense thrown in for good measure and an end to the NFL lockout.

Want to recap? Then check out our new Week in Political Cartoons slideshow.


10 Cartoons that Sum Up the Debt Ceiling Debate

Are you sick of all the debt ceiling talk yet? Tired of hearing about the looming default crisis, and what it’s going to do to our economy, jobs and interest rates? So are the nation’s cartoonists!

For weeks, they’ve been hard at work cranking out cartoons nonstop about the debt crisis we face, so I thought I’d pull ten cartoons that I think really sum up where we are, as depressing as that might be.

1. Caricaturist Taylor Jones thinks it’s about time to start learning a new Pledge of Allegiance…

2. Nate Beeler of the Washington Examiner thinks the media has frame the “lack of compromise” poorly…

3. David Fitzsimmons of the Arizona Star feels he’s found the source of Republican’s unwillingness to compromise…

4. Jimmy Margulies of the Bergen Record thinks Obama is living up to his campaign pledge (sort-of)…

5. Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune seems to have found his villain in this whole debacle…

6. Ottawa Citizen cartoonist Cam Cardow thinks we should just listen to Lincoln…

7. Buffalo News cartoonist Adam Zyglis sees a problem in the Republican fire-fighting methods…

8. Bob Englehart of the Hartford Courant was inspired by Pixar to describe his debt ceiling thoughts…

9. Eric Aille sums up his thoughts about the largest problem our country faces… Audrey 2!

10. This Taylor Jones cartoon of Eric Cantor seems to sum up the debate nicely…


Debt Argument

Debt Argument © Daryl Cagle,,debt ceiling,deficit,donkey,elephant,GOP,republican,democrat,Congress,hospital,economy,uncle sam