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The Best of Loco Bo-Jo

Britains new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is a terror for Britain but a delight for cartoonists! With a wild week in parliament, the cartoonists are having a great time with Boris. Here’s my cartoon …


Here are some recent favorites from our other cartoonists. This is a great one by Canadian Dave Whamond.


This one is by Kap, our cartoonist from Barcelona, who draw the Palace of Westminster as easily as Boris flattens it.


Here’s another doggie cartoon by Austria’s Petar Pismetrovic.


That’s Boris playing chess with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, and another Boris doggie, by Holland’s Joep Bertrams.


Our photo-realistic cartoonist Bart van Leeuwen did these two, great Borises.


This Boris is by Dave Fitzsimmons from Tucson.


This reflection is by Dario Castillejos, our brilliant cartoonist from Oaxaca, Mexico.


Steve Sack also sees a reflection.

Taylor Jones sees both a reflection and a doggie.


Brazil’s Simanca sees Boris much the same way.








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I Like Theresa May

Britain’s fever pitch of stress about Brexit is cranking up, day by day, as each new deadline approaches. One thing all the Brits seem to agree about is how they dislike Theresa May, her Brexit deal, and how she has gone about pitching and re-pitching the deal to Parliament. The topic dominates the minds of our international editorial cartoonists.

I like Theresa May. I don’t think her position on Brexit matters much since Parliament and the EU wouldn’t be able to agree on anything. Whatever position May had taken would lead to the same toxic impasse. My cartoon with May struggling to support Big Ben is actually a positive cartoon about her – I think she’s trying hard in a no-win situation.

I like the vertical cropping of my cartoon better than the wide version that I sent out to newspapers. I wanted May to look small under the crushing weight of the huge tower that looms over Parliament, but I wasn’t quite sure how small she could be to still be perceived as holding up the tower, rather than just looking like she’s being crushed –which would be a cartoon that means something else. I drew this as two pieces, one was the “Elizabeth Tower” (Big Ben), and the other was Theresa May, then I placed and sized May in Photoshop, making her as small as I thought I could for the cartoon to work.

I thought the tower was pretty forgiving and I got most of the architectural details wrong along with the perspective. The circle of the clock face is especially bad – I wasn’t thinking much about that at the time but now that I look at the reduced version, it bothers me. I should have generated a good circle in Photoshop and traced it, but no, I thought my lousy cartoonist freehand was fine. Too late now; it went out to newspapers already. Water under the bridge.

I don’t think I’ve seen any cartoons supporting May in the deluge of Brexit bashing that has been pouring into Cagle Tower in recent weeks. Powerful people get no sympathy, and editorial cartoonists aren’t known for sympathy. Here’s my wide cartoon and some of my recent Brexit favorites.


This one is by my buddy, Steve Sack of The Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

This one is by the brilliant, Dutch cartoonist, Hajo.


This one is by self-syndication king, Joe Heller.


This is by my new pal. Nicola Listes from Croatia.


And this Brexit Mobius Strip is by John Cole from Scranton, Pennsylvania!




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Brexit and the Stock Market Crash – Ouch!

I skipped doing a video on this one as I’m packing everything up for my move back to California!

1132-EUbull500dpiCMYK500Stars signify pain in cartoons, so the Brexit bonk on the head to the stock market bull seemed appropriate. I put a bunch of texture in this one. Maybe someone will print it big.

I’m outta here for a while, driving my car from Nashville to California, and doing some sightseeing on the way – so, sorry, but the cartoons should resume in a couple of weeks.


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This is Brexit day! I drew two versions of a missing star EU flag, a tame suitcase version and a flipping-off version for editors who are not so tame. We’ve getting tons of Brexit cartoons coming in and I’m posted a few of my favorites below.

I see that the missing star theme is all over the web today, so these cartoons hold fall into a Yahtzee or near-Yahtzee I’m sure, but this is the one editors will need for the weekend.

Here’s the tame version …

So … which one is better?

Here are a few of my Brexit favorites …

By Dave Granlund

By Arend van Dam

By Osmani Simanca

By Christina Sampaio


By Marian Kamensky

By Tom Janssen

By Pavel Constantin

By Patrick Chappatte

By Luojie

By Angel Boligan

By Marian Kamensky

By Hajo

All of these cartoons are available in high resolution to reprint at



Scotland’s Independence Referendum and So Many Butts

I did three, charming variations on the same cartoon today for Scotland’s big referendum on independence. The first one is is the most baroque, with a Scotland guy farting in UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s face. What a joy it is to be an editorial cartoonist on a day like today.

Notice that I cleaned this cartoon up a bit by making the fart a clean, white color; even so, I think most editors will shy away from farts. I made an alternative version for timid editors who turn their noses up at farts.

I colored these separately in Photoshop and I see that I forgot the green stripe in the tartan on the next cartoons – oh!  That annoys me. Too late to fix now. In any event, the fartless, mooning Scotsman below should make editors breathe easier.

Both of these “under the kilt” cartoons are drawn in advance of the vote, for editors to run if Scotland chooses to secede. I drew another, nicer version, for editors to run if Scotland votes to stay in the UK, with a big, wet, thank-you-kiss.

There are some more graphic variations that come to mind, but I should save those for another day.

See more cartoons about Scotland’s big vote on!



Baby Future King

134967 600 Baby Future King cartoons


Royal Wedding Cartoons

Tomorrow’s the big day. Prince William will marry commoner Kate Middleton in a ceremony full of pomp and circumstance that has pushed the British monarchy in front of us all, thanks to our ever-loving media that has been covering every minute detail leading up to the big event.

Cartoonists have their own thoughts about those crazy kids getting hitched. Check them out in our new Royal Wedding cartoon slideshow.

Royal Wedding Media
Nate Beeler / Washington Examiner (click to view cartoon slideshow