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My Corona Virus Cartoons

Here are my three most recent Corona Virus cartoons.

This is the most recent one, on the stock market drop, the oil price drop and the Corona Virus …

I actually like the line art better than the color version.

Editors and readers always like color or grayscale better than line art like this – but I like line art versions of cartoons best –without tone. There is something more elegant about line art, even if I can’t convince anyone else that line art is nicer.

My next cartoon has the Corona Virus licking the continental United States. Here’s my rough sketch. I looked up a map of the USA on Google, printed it and taped it into place, so I could get the shapes of the states right when I traced it with my finished lines. In the old days I would do things like this on a “lucygraph”. (These are better days.)


And here’s the final art …


Back in February, when the Corona Virus was only in China, I drew this one about the world freaking out …

That’s it!  Three cartoons today!

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Split Congress and Sinking Oil Prices

Here’s one I drew a week ago that I forgot to post here! The Democrats have the House and the Republicans have the Senate – I look forward to seeing divided government at work again!

I’m impressed by how quickly oil prices are plummeting, and pulling down that stock market. The cartoon below was an oldie that I drew the last time this happened. There isn’t much news that is truly new news. The same old news seems to happen over and over, so sometimes I dust off an appropriate oldie.

This one needed to be in a vertical format, something that makes editorial cartoons sink. Editors like to leave a standard sized wide box as the editorial cartoon hole to fill each day, so deviating from the standard 1.5 wide by 1 tall box means a cartoon doesn’t get much ink.

But, sometimes I need to break out of the box. I hate being stuck in a box!

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Catalonia Peeing Bull

I’ve drawn lots of peeing dog cartoons. One of my favorite oldies is George W. Bush as a dog marking his territory around the world. So naturally I wanted to draw a bull, as Spain, peeing on Catalonia. The problem is, that on the map, Catalonia is in the upper right hand corner of Spain, and for the Spanish bull to pee on Catalonia I would have to have the Spain-Bull stand in France, which doesn’t make much sense. The bull could be standing up to pee, in an arc up to Catalonia, but that’s a little nasty. We have a new “no penises” policy here at Cagle Cartoons, which means that strategic parts of the bull have to be concealed.

So I settled on the doggie style leg up peeing, with the map of Spain in perspective and the pee puddle above the bull. I know that’s a stretch.

Here’s my old favorite Bush peeing cartoon. Bigger map. Smaller doggie. No puddle under the doggie.

Sometimes it’s hard to pee when geography gets in the way – so my Catalonia cartoon is not one of my best. Still, I look to draw peeing “doggies” whenever I can.


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Brexit and the Stock Market Crash – Ouch!

I skipped doing a video on this one as I’m packing everything up for my move back to California!

1132-EUbull500dpiCMYK500Stars signify pain in cartoons, so the Brexit bonk on the head to the stock market bull seemed appropriate. I put a bunch of texture in this one. Maybe someone will print it big.

I’m outta here for a while, driving my car from Nashville to California, and doing some sightseeing on the way – so, sorry, but the cartoons should resume in a couple of weeks.


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Sinking Oil Prices Sink Wall Street!

The stock market continued its dive this week. My last cartoon showed the impending doom of the falling Chinese economy, now the falling oil prices are blamed for the latest stock market dump.

I drew this one as a live stream on YouTube and Twitch – want to watch me draw it in real time? Here it is on YouTube …

I’m often asked to show how I color my cartoons, so I did a live stream of coloring this one. Want to watch?  Here it is!

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China’s Stock Market Crashes Down on Wall Street

The stock market took the biggest fall in many years last week as Chinese stocks continued their free fall. I drew this one yesterday as a live stream – well worth an hour and a half of your time to watch the entire drawing unfold in real time below!

I do the Photoshop coloring after I finish the drawing in the video, which is a little unfortunate because it would be nice to see the final art at the end of the video – but the scanning, cleaning up the scan and coloring is pretty boring. Here’s the final art …


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Janet Yellen the Fed and Wall Street

Janet Yellen   the Fed and Wall Street © Daryl Cagle,,Wall Street, finance, economy, interest rates, Federal Reserve Bank, the Fed, Janet Yellen, money, bull, bulls, Simon Says


Janet Yellen the Fed and Wall Street

Janet Yellen   the Fed and Wall Street © Daryl Cagle,,Wall Street,finance,economy,interest rates,Federal Reserve Bank,the Fed, Janet Yellen,money,bull,bulls,Simon Says


Dropping Oil Prices Impact Stock Market

Dropping Oil Prices Impact Stock Market © Daryl Cagle,,head,bovine,saudi arabia,venezuela,russia,iran,iraq,oil,prices,energy,bull,wall street,stock market,dow,standard and Poors,Nasdaq,New York Stock Exchange,Economy


Obama and Immigration Reform Executive Order

156307 600 Obama and Immigration Reform Executive Order cartoons