The Burden of Editorial Cartoonists and Thanks to the CMA

Last weekend I was in New York doing a panel keynote at the College Media Association (CMA) convention with Steve Sack, Adam Zyglis and Taylor Jones.

There was a great, receptive crowd of about 600 college newspaper editors and faculty advisors in attendance. Our panel was sponsored by USA Today, one of our clients. The CMA printed out a nice display of Charlie Hebdo tribute cartoons from our collection ( which had previously been on display at Vanderbilt University.

The CMA hired eight security guards just for our event, at a cost of $4,000.00, and they rented metal detectors to screen attendees. Also, the NYPD had undercover officers distributed into the crowd, so there was a public expense as well.

The terrorists have succeeded in making editorial cartooning events an expensive burden; events and exhibitions are being cancelled around the world in response to terrorist threats and security concerns. I have to thank the CMA for daring to host cartoonist keynote speakers given their security concerns and the significant hassle and expense that we burdened them with.SpeakersPromoCMA2015


Get Out of Jail Free!

Every couple of  years it is time for another Monopoly metaphor cartoon. Here’s my cartoon today about the police violence protests.

I get contacted by doctoral students who write their dissertations on the usage of particular metaphors in editorial cartoons – they like to count how many times they occur. Takes the joy out of a cartoon, huh? Well, that’s what doctoral students do. I might suggest that if anyone wants to do their thesis on Monopoly metaphors in editorial cartoons, they will have a lot of counting to do.

Here’s one I did back in 2008, on the Sarah Palin VP choice.


The next one is a rare cartoon where I had something positive to say, touting what was then the biggest charitable donation in history – Warren Buffet’s multi-billion dollar donation to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.



The 1930’s era rich guy character in Monopoly, “Rich Uncle Pennybags“, is classic cartoon fodder whenever news about rich people comes along, and a pig character won’t do. Usually he doesn’t appear in political cartoons that are too flattering to him. I drew this next one with the George W. Bush stock market crash and subsequent bailout of the evil bankers (who, by the way, were never prosecuted).



Remember when five Gitmo prisoners were traded for sketchy American POW, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl? I drew this one with little caricatures of the released Gitmo prisoners.


Back when I was working with I rarely got a call from an editor asking for anything, so I was surprised one day to hear from an editor at the Today Show, which was planning lots of coverage on Paris Hilton, who was being released from jail that day. They really wanted a quick cartoon, so I gave them this one.


When George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, not so long ago, I drew my most recent “Get Out of Jail Free” cartoon.


So, doctoral students – start counting!



Police Get Out of Jail Free

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