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Here are the 15 most popular and most reprinted CagleCartoons for the week of March 21st through 28th. See these and more in a special section on our newspaper subscribers download site. These are the cartoons that editors download the most, in high resolution, to be published in their newspapers. Enjoy!

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Birth Of A Political Cartoonist

This cartoonist memory is from my buddy, the great Bob Englehart! Support Bob on Patreon –Daryl


It was a warm October day in 1962. I was a sophomore at South Side High School in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, excelling in art class, in other subjects, not so much. I was on the staff of the school newspaper as a cartoonist and illustrator. My goals in life were to be an illustrator like Norman Rockwell, or have my own commercial art studio in my hometown, or to be an advertising agency art director and make $10,000 a year. This was 1962. Ten grand was big money.

I would get married, buy a house, have two children and a beautiful wife, drive a new car and, with any luck, be a millionaire by the time I was forty.  Everything was going my way. Then, President John F. Kennedy told the nation that Russia had put nuclear armed ballistic missiles in Cuba and we’d have a nuclear war if they didn’t remove them. What?

I was completely blindsided. My parents subscribed to two newspapers, the Democratic morning one and the evening Republican. I read them both, but I only read the comics page and the sports page. I wasn’t even sure of the name of the Russian leader. Nikita who? The only Russians I knew of were Boris and Natasha on “Rocky and Bullwinkle.” Suddenly, my world went up in a ball of radioactive fire.

I was glued to TV news and the newspapers and when I wasn’t, I was painting apocalyptic paintings of skeletons running through a burning landscape of mushroom clouds. All my hopes and dreams were going up in radioactive smoke. A ship was steaming to Cuba loaded with more missiles. Kennedy told Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev to turn around or they would be blown out of the water. The Russians were not backing down and were making threats. I was frantic. My school had been having air raid drills since I was in Kindergarten. There was a huge air raid siren behind my house that went off every Wednesday at noon, so loud it shook the floor. This is what we’d been training for –this crisis.

Then, on the thirteenth day of the confrontation, the ships turned around and headed back to Russia, after Kennedy made a secret deal, but from that day forward I vowed never to be blindsided again. I started reading the news pages. I learned the names of the leaders at home and abroad. I learned the countries, the issues and the threats. I read the political cartoons, mostly those by Bill Mauldin, who I understood. Herblock and a local cartoonist were regulars in the papers but they didn’t inspire me. Their cartoons were too serious and preachy. Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” made more sense to me than most of the art on the editorial page. Then, when I was in art school, Pat Oliphant came along and made political cartooning look fun.

I saw a way that I could do my very small part to defeat the Communist Soviet Union threat and be paid for my effort. I started drawing freelance political cartoons for the morning paper, found a job as a full-time political cartoonist in Dayton, Ohio and after five years there, moved to Hartford, Connecticut and The Courant.

In November of 1989, the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed. I told the president of the L. A. Times News Service that I’d accomplished my goal, that Russia had been defeated and that I was going to leave political cartooning. He talked me out of it, saying there will be more demons to vanquish. He was right, of course. All I have to do is read today’s news, but I’d accomplished what I wanted in the beginning. Everything since then is a bonus.

See Bob’s cartoon archive.

Here’s are Bob’s most recent cartoons on …

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Get Out of Jail Free!

Every couple of  years it is time for another Monopoly metaphor cartoon. Here’s my cartoon today about the police violence protests.

I get contacted by doctoral students who write their dissertations on the usage of particular metaphors in editorial cartoons – they like to count how many times they occur. Takes the joy out of a cartoon, huh? Well, that’s what doctoral students do. I might suggest that if anyone wants to do their thesis on Monopoly metaphors in editorial cartoons, they will have a lot of counting to do.

Here’s one I did back in 2008, on the Sarah Palin VP choice.


The next one is a rare cartoon where I had something positive to say, touting what was then the biggest charitable donation in history – Warren Buffet’s multi-billion dollar donation to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.



The 1930’s era rich guy character in Monopoly, “Rich Uncle Pennybags“, is classic cartoon fodder whenever news about rich people comes along, and a pig character won’t do. Usually he doesn’t appear in political cartoons that are too flattering to him. I drew this next one with the George W. Bush stock market crash and subsequent bailout of the evil bankers (who, by the way, were never prosecuted).



Remember when five Gitmo prisoners were traded for sketchy American POW, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl? I drew this one with little caricatures of the released Gitmo prisoners.


Back when I was working with I rarely got a call from an editor asking for anything, so I was surprised one day to hear from an editor at the Today Show, which was planning lots of coverage on Paris Hilton, who was being released from jail that day. They really wanted a quick cartoon, so I gave them this one.


When George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, not so long ago, I drew my most recent “Get Out of Jail Free” cartoon.


So, doctoral students – start counting!



Fidel Castro Out In Cuba

Castro is out.

For the first time since Cuba’s 1959 revolution, Fidel Castro was not included in the Communist Party’s leadership, and someone other than Fidel or Raúl has been name to the second-highest position in the Communist Party.

We all knew this day would come, but it’s still shocking to reflect on the longevity of Fidel as the leader of Cuba.

It’s interesting looking back at my cartoons about Fidel and his iron-grip for so many years on the Cuban people.

I drew this cartoon back in 2006 when Fidel was undergoing intestinal surgery and provisionally handed over power for the first time to his younger brother Raul.

Now Raul will be expected to set a new economic course for Cuba. The congress’ approval of a package of more than 300 reforms is an admission that the status quo isn’t working.

It’s always fun to end things on a joke. Looking back at my archive of Castro cartoons, Fidel is no exception.


Fixing Cuba

Fixing Cuba Color © Daryl Cagle,,Fidel Castro,Raul Castro,Cuba,economy,communism,car,automobile,mechanic,wrench


Castro Human Rights

Castro Human Rights © Daryl Cagle,,Cuba, Castro, Human Rights, United Nations, commission, communism, embargo, cigar, smoke, fire, burned, smoke, Fidel


Castro Operation

Castro Operation © Daryl Cagle,,Cuba, Fidel, Castro, Operation, game, electric, medical, hasbro, ideal, cigar, heartless, missle, running out, hour glass, communism, surgery