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Still More Daryl’s Garage!

Here’s another installment from my garage. This wizard was a gouache illustration for a German book publisher. Considering how carefully I reproduced the “Fun & Fancy” logo, I’m guessing that was their name.

This odd map of how to get to the Mortgage Bankers Association convention in Atlantic City was a strange journey. The ad agency had hired cartoon legend Mort Drucker to do it, and Mort quit after doing the sketch. The job paid pretty well, and Mort’s sketch was nice, and I had met Mort through the National Cartoonists Society, so I gave him a call and asked, “What’s up with this job?” I paraphrase from my 30 year old memory – Mort told me this was a job from hell, and the art directors had so many changes he couldn’t stand it any more.” I asked if he minded that I take the job and work from his sketch, and Mort was fine with that, as long as he never had to hear from those art directors. So I rendered this from Mort’s sketch. And the art directors from hell didn’t give me any trouble – I guess Mort had taken all the flak before I stepped in.

If I was an art director, I would never think of asking Mort Drucker to make changes. Twenty years later, mortgage bankers would destroy the economy – oh! The irony!

This gouache painting, without my usual black linework, was three sides of a package for Hasbro’s “Classic Kermit” Plush. The dark area was a die cut window showing the plush inside. I came up with the Greek theme because Hasbro had previously done a plush Kermit wearing reporter clothes, and they wanted to do a naked Kermit to cut costs and raise the price, so make Kermit “Classic” and raise the price! There’s also a top and bottom to this box somewhere in the garage.

I did lots of book covers, for Ballantine, Random House, Berkley Books, Warner Books, Little Brown, Doubleday – lots. Here’s a spot for a Berkley Books paperback cover.

For a time, I did a regular spot in Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine with a caricature of a sports figure of their choosing – here are two examples. I forget who the hockey player was.

Hey, remember that Baby Piggy shampoo bottle art for Avon that I posted a couple days ago? Here’s the shampoo bottle, still full of 30 year old shampoo.

This 1981 game for Hasbro’s Milton Bradley was a big project, as big as a children’s book. There was the cover, a board with background scenes from the movie, and a whole deck of illustrated cards. I liked this cover – an executive from the Muppets took it so I didn’t get the original painting back. I later heard from a guy in England who bought it and has it framed and hanging on his wall. This pic is from ebay, on sale for $8.99 – be sure they have all the cards before you buy!

These two are a little nasty. I used to draw the changing puzzles and games on the backs of boxes of the Swedish Chef’s “POST Croonchy Stars” cereal – for kids to read while they eat their sugar breakfast. I didn’t do the art on the front of the box, just the changing backs. I still have a couple of these boxes, still full of 30 year old cereal, and they look just as fresh and crispy as they day I bought them –through the miracle of corporate chemistry. A thousand years from now, when future archeologists dig up my garage, I’ll bet they take a bite and the Croonchy Stars will be as sugary/croonchy good as they were on day one.
I did lots of Muppet and Muppet Baby preschool puzzles, many for Playskool and Hasbro. Here’s one.

I did a big line of Muppet shoes for Keds, including a nice POP display that got crunched in my garage. 

Here I found one Keds kids snow boot, which had a wrap around painting of the Muppets having a snowball fight. Now I need to find a kid with one peg leg, who loves Muppets and lives in a snowy state.

I did a big line of these “Dri Mark” Muppets coloring posters that were packaged with markers. It looks like my kids found the markers in this package – this is front and back coloring posters, about 14″x17″, part of a line of many, each with two posters and a batch of markers.

Get Out of Jail Free!

Every couple of  years it is time for another Monopoly metaphor cartoon. Here’s my cartoon today about the police violence protests.

I get contacted by doctoral students who write their dissertations on the usage of particular metaphors in editorial cartoons – they like to count how many times they occur. Takes the joy out of a cartoon, huh? Well, that’s what doctoral students do. I might suggest that if anyone wants to do their thesis on Monopoly metaphors in editorial cartoons, they will have a lot of counting to do.

Here’s one I did back in 2008, on the Sarah Palin VP choice.


The next one is a rare cartoon where I had something positive to say, touting what was then the biggest charitable donation in history – Warren Buffet’s multi-billion dollar donation to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.



The 1930’s era rich guy character in Monopoly, “Rich Uncle Pennybags“, is classic cartoon fodder whenever news about rich people comes along, and a pig character won’t do. Usually he doesn’t appear in political cartoons that are too flattering to him. I drew this next one with the George W. Bush stock market crash and subsequent bailout of the evil bankers (who, by the way, were never prosecuted).



Remember when five Gitmo prisoners were traded for sketchy American POW, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl? I drew this one with little caricatures of the released Gitmo prisoners.


Back when I was working with I rarely got a call from an editor asking for anything, so I was surprised one day to hear from an editor at the Today Show, which was planning lots of coverage on Paris Hilton, who was being released from jail that day. They really wanted a quick cartoon, so I gave them this one.


When George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, not so long ago, I drew my most recent “Get Out of Jail Free” cartoon.


So, doctoral students – start counting!



Police Get Out of Jail Free

Police Get Out of Jail Free © Daryl Cagle,,Monopoly,Get Out of Jail Free,police,violence,brutality,NYPD,Hasbro,Parker Brother,Community Chest,protests,Staten Island,NY,MO,Ferguson,Michael Brown,Eric Garner,Darren Wilson


Get Out of Gitmo FREE

149571 600 Get Out of Gitmo FREE cartoons


Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare!

Here is my weekly post on my new cartoons.  My most recent cartoon, on George Zimmerman’s acquittal, was a quickie.  Here is my rough sketch – I took a scan of the Community Chest Get Out of Jail Free card, made it light in a print out, and did a rough sketch on top.

MonopolySketch Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

Then I dropped in the color.  I had it all done in ten minutes, a new record for me.  If only all of the cartoons were so quick and easy.  Usually I muddle and fiddle for a long time with each cartoon.  This one got a lot of attention in social media because it was fast.

134528 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

The previous cartoon was Obama in the Arab Spring bathtub, with lots of dangerous appliances.  Don’t stick a fork in the toaster!  Here is the rough sketch – this one took some muddle and fiddle time to get the position and appliances to be the way I wanted them.

ObamaTub Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons


Then I did the finished line art, and added a bit of gray to make it read a bit more clearly. The black and white image is what more readers see in the newspapers.

134523 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

And here is the color that you see on our site, and the newspapers that print in color. I had fun with this cartoon.

134524 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

The previous cartoon was about the one year postponement in the employer mandate on Obamacare.  Republicans “jumped on this” as evidence of Obamacare’s “failure” and “chaos.”  Here is the rough sketch.

ObamacareSketch600wide Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

… And here is the line art, that most people will see in the newspapers that print black and white.  I always like to black and white version better.  There is something more elegant about black and white.  Readers always tell me that color is better.

134422 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

And here is the color.  I did this one a little differently, with quick, transparent colors.  I think I’ll probably do messier color like this going forward.  I really like Pat Bagley’s sponge texture – that’s the next thing I’ll try.

134536 600 Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

POSTSCRIPT: Well, after writing that, I couldn’t get the sponge thing out of my head and I added a subtle bit of Bagley texture to the background.  I should do more of that.  And more boldly.  I’m timid starting out.  Here’s the revised version, not too different, but nicely textural. Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons

Here’s a detail from the revised version.

detail Zimmerman, Arab Spring and Obamacare! cartoons


Castro Operation

Castro Operation © Daryl Cagle,,Cuba, Fidel, Castro, Operation, game, electric, medical, hasbro, ideal, cigar, heartless, missle, running out, hour glass, communism, surgery