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Moving on From New Hampshire!

I refurbished an oldie for today’s cartoon. After today’s New Hampshire primary the candidate move on to Nevada and South Carolina.

Here’s the eight year oldie. Back in 2008 there was a kerfuffle about Michigan holding an early primary, and the parties enacted penalties against the state to punish it for thinking that it should have an equal role in the election to the favored, early states. I guess the punishment was effective, because we’re not seeing early Michigan this year.

And here’s the quickie video of my cartoon update …



No Saluting the Confederate Flag

No Saluting the Confederate Flag © Daryl Cagle,,Confederate Battle Flage,Charleston,South Carolina,race,flag burning,Salute,pledge of allegiance,children,civil war,South,rebel flag,star and bars,stars 'n bars


My Recent Campaign Cartoons

So far, this GOP Primary has been terrific for guys like me. All the Republican candidates are fun to draw, and at this point the only thing I’m concerned about is having enough pencils to keep up.

Mitt Romney has suddenly become the right’s whipping boy over “vulture capitalism” and his hesitancy to release his tax returns. Romney claims that Gingrich and others are attacking free enterprise, and Mitt’s proud of what he’s earned despite how much you may envy him. So if he’s so proud, why’s he afraid to let us know all about it?

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich bashes the media and pretends to be the “family values” candidate despite his marital record and stories about hospital bed divorces…

Remember after Iowa and New Hampshire, when we all though Mitt would walk away with this primary easily? Yeah, not so much…

I guess New Hampshire wasn’t the cruel, bossy dominatrix we all thought she was…


Five Funny Newt Gingrich Cartoons

This fascinating and fun to draw GOP Primary will continue to Florida, as Newt Gingrich has pulled off the upset and defeated Mitt Romney in the South Carolina Primary.

Newt is nearly a perfect candidate for the nation’s cartoonists. He’s very fun to draw, has enough baggage in his past to fit nearly every visual metaphor, and his harsh rhetoric offers great visuals for cartoonists to take advantage of.

Here are five recent Newt Gingrich cartoons that I thought I’d share. To view all our Newt Gingrich cartoons, click here.

Pat Bagley / Salt Lake Tribune
Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle
Jimmy Margulies / The Record
Bill Schorr / Cagle Cartoons
Chris Weyant / The Hill

South Carolina Primary Cartoons

Following last night’s debate, GOP Presidential hopefuls have hit the trail in hopes of securing a win in the South Carolina primary. For Romney, a win would all but secure his nomination, while Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich hope to pull off an upset with the state’s strong conservative voters.

Check out what cartoonists think of the race with our new South Carolina Primary cartoon collection.

Newt Gingrich South Carolina Primary cartoons