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Donald Trump Birther-Bashes Ted Cruz

Republicans loved it when Donald Trump led the “birthers” in their suspicions that President Obama was ineligible to be president because he was supposedly born to his American citizen mother in Kenya. Trump claims credit for forcing Obama to release his “long form” birth certificate to prove he was born in Hawaii. Now Ted Cruz, who was born to an American citizen mother in Canada actually fits the mold.

Republicans likely don’t care much about the “birther” argument applied to Ted Cruz, but I’m enjoying it. Here’s Donald Trump bashing Cruz with his Canadian-flag-speech-balloon.


As I was drawing this I noticed that Trump’s speech balloon is pointing at his crotch. Perhaps this is a visual Freudian slip.

I’m trying to live-stream all of my drawings now. Watch the YouTube video below! My apologies for this video being a little jerky in places; I’m still getting the hang of this.


My Osama bin Laden Cartoons

Like every other cartoonist, my week has been consumed with the death of Osama and Abbotabad, the location of the sprawling complex in the suburbs of Islamabad where bin Laden hid. How did Pakistan not know bin Laden was there? Them must have been out cashing our $1.5 billion check:

One of the more peculiar aspects of the bin Laden story is the fact that we buried his body at sea:

It took long enough to find Osama. Luckily, he gets special treatment:

Even if Obama had decided to release bin Laden’s death photos, the birthers still wouldn’t be satisfied:

Now President Obama has a macho new look.


Cartoonists React To Trump And Birth Certificate

Barack Obama was born in the United States. He is officially an American. The President released his long-form birth certificate today in reaction to increasing calls, let by loud-mouthed clown and GOP front-runner Donald Trump, that he was somehow born on foreign land and not eligible to be our commander-in-chief. Trump has latched onto this birther issue, devolving himself as a serious candidate. Based on his reaction to the news today, I might have to change my cartoon to have Trump asking, “Where are Obama’s school records?” I laughed at Nate Beeler’s cartoon for the Washington Examiner, showcasing the resiliency of the birther movement… While Pulitzer Prize-winner Mike Keefe of the Denver Post suggests the birther’s next line of attack… Green Bay Press-Gazette cartoonist Joe Heller shows that the birthers will always find a reason to doubt Obama’s authenticity… View even more cartoons in our new Obama’s Birth Certificate cartoon collection: Obama's Birth Certificate political cartoons


Donald Trump For President

Donald Trump for President? Might not be as far-fetched as you think. A recently released Pew Research poll shows that Trump has the highest profile among GOP hopefuls, and polls last week showed The Donald ahead of the rest of the GOP pack, including Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.

What does the elevation of Donald Trump as a serious presidential candidate mean for jobs? Well, for starters, there should be some job job security for the nation’s cartoonists. Check out their take in our Donald Trump for President cartoon slideshow.

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump Birther

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