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Andy Singer’s Panel Cartoons in the Editorial Cartoon Spot

Editorial page editors typically reject anything new and different from editorial cartoonists. Unusual styles and formats are just not what editors want to see. Editors like cartoons that look like what they think editorial cartoons should look like – which leads to lots of cartoons that look much the same.

I’ve been a big fan of Andy Singer’s self-syndicated, altie “No Exit” panel for years, and I’ve been encouraging Andy to try his hand at more traditional editorial cartooning. Andy’s panel has content that is socially conscious, like an editorial cartoon, but it is not the right shape, and it is wordy, and it doesn’t have caricatures of politicians and the panel format with a title is simply not something editorial page editors will consider putting in their daily editorial cartoon hole.

What to do? Andy wanted to be on the editorial pages but was committed to continuing the “No Exit” panel. Then he gave me a new pitch, saying, “Daryl, you know, when I put two of my panels next to each other it becomes the shape of an editorial cartoon, and if I do two panels that are on the same topic, and color them, it looks like one big editorial cartoon.” The idea looked interesting to me. The result is rather stylistically different than what editors are used to but Andy’s new editorial cartoon format looks like wordy, multi panel editorial cartoons, and editors seem to be accepting them. The connection between the two panels might be a stretch, but no one seems to notice. So far, so good.

A number of comic strip cartoonists, Like Dan Piraro and Wiley Miller, have been doing their cartoons in both strip and panel format for years. Andy’s work has some format advantages over most magazine gag cartoonists’ work; Andy’s panels are topically editorial cartoons to start with, and he doesn’t have a classic gag cartoon style with a caption at the bottom, which would be more difficult to reformat. Still, it may be that some other socially conscious panel or gag cartoonists could develop a new market by finding a procedure to reformat their ongoing work as editorial cartoons. Andy Singer is the trailblazer.

One of Andy’s new, combined format cartoons for the editorial pages. With the same characters and consistent color and format, it looks right as a single editorial cartoon and is proving popular so far.

Here are a couple more new editorial cartoons from Andy. Follow Andy’s work on here.


My Latest Cartoons – Taxes, NATO, Bombs, Libya and Syria

Oh dear, I haven’t been good about posting my most recent cartoons – here they are.  This is my annual cartoon about tax time …

This one is about the NATO bombing/no-fly-zone in Libya …

Here’s one on the Republican union bashing.

..and the looming government shutdown …

This is a local cartoon about our ridiculous, multi-billion-dollar trains to nowhere in California.  Our new/old Governor Brown is eager to have an election so we can approve new taxes.  With all the billions of dollars poured into the ground for a worthless Los Angeles subway, and the local $500 million dollar, most expensive high school ever built, it is hard to make a convincing argument that we need higher taxes.

Here’s my portrait of Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad and his father, Hafez al-Assad.

Here’s another drawing of Bashir.  He is fun to draw (his neck makes me laugh).  As a manly cartoonist, I don’t like to put sissy labels on my caricatures; regrettably, most people don’t know what Bashir looks like, and he needs a label – still, I’m no sissy cartoonist.


Bush France Delacroix

Bush France Delacroix © Daryl Cagle,,Delacroix, France, President Bush, Iraq, cowboy, Liberty Leading the People, art, painting, Greenpeace, Rwanda, La Marseillaise, French Revolution, surrender, surrendering, cowboy, gun, bombing, invading