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Ukraine Extortion

The news today is dominated by the Ukraine extortion story. here’s my cartoon …

Yes, I know, Ukraine doesn’t look like this lady. She shouldn’t have blond hair. She shouldn’t be fat. OK. OK. I visited Kiev and I saw this in a gift shop …

And I found her Ukrainian folksy dress on the Web. We go with the chichés we have, not the clichés we want or wish to have, as Donald Rumsfeld would say.

Here are some of my recent favorites on the Whistleblower scandal. This one is by Dave Whamond

This one is from RJ Matson

This one is by Ed Wexler

This one is by Monte Wolverton



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Crazy NRA Board Meeting!

There’s been lots of news about the non-profit National Rifle Association’s recent  money troubles – from a $200,000 wardrobe budget for the NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre, to a $1,000,000 annual salary for spokesperson Dana Loesch. Infighting forced NRA president Oliver North out of his presidency, after North allegedly blackmailed LaPierre – and there’s an investigation by New York state that might take away the NRA’s tax exempt status, insuring the organization’s demise. So many egos! (I’m guessing that Oliver North is the good guy in the mess, trying to save the NRA from itself.) Here’s my cartoon!

Notice how they are in mirror image positions? When I do something like that I’m bound to get an email from somebody saying “Wayne LaPierre isn’t left handed!” Also, did anyone notice that I only drew the gun and the hand holding it once, and duplicated it another seven times in Photoshop? So lazy. And where’s all the blood?

Here are some of my recent NRA favorites. The first one is by New Zealand cartoonist, Chris Slane, who is one of my favorites!

This one is by our newest syndicate cartoonist, Dave Whamond.


And this one is by my buddy, Bill Schorr.

Here are some gun oldies I drew back in 1995 for my TRUE! cartoon panel. These are really true, at least they were in 1995.

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TRUE Kids 3!

Here’s another collection of my TRUE cartoons about kids!

I’m loading my oldies into our database, and making some editorial decisions on what to edit or cut. These TRUE cartoons ran in newspapers back in 1995. It is interesting to see how many of them hold up well over the years. Things don’t change much. The TRUE cartoons that look stale have land-line phones, phone booths, and old style televisions. I’m culling out the cartoons that refer to events and politicians in 1995 – after all, our database is an online store and I don’t think people will be interested in licensing stale cartoons. Political cartoons in general go stale fast, which is both a problem and a blessing for us.

See more TRUE cartoons:










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TRUE Kids!

Here’s another batch of TRUE cartoons about KIDS!

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Our Proud Olympic Swimmers

I remember the jocks back in high school were a bunch of arrogant jerks, so the behavior of the American Olympic swimmers is no surprise to me. No one should look to self-entitled athletes as representative of their countries, unless we look to them as representative of the biggest jerks in their countries.

The epidemic of bad behavior among athletes is on ugly display in sex scandals at colleges across the USA, which led yesterday to the interesting resignation of Ken Starr, the former president of Baylor University where he oversaw a coverup of Baylor’s football players’ sexual assaults. Remember Ken Starr? He was the sanctimonious independent prosecutor in charge of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” to bring down Bill Clinton in the 1990’s. What goes around comes around, huh? Irony is a bitch.

Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and a security guard. (Notice how the swimmers naturally seek out the water.)

My cartoon is based on early news reports that described the drunken athletes breaking a door at a gas station where they stopped to go to the bathroom. More recent reports describe the swimmers peeing on the gas station building because it had no bathroom, with Lochte tearing a framed advertisement off of the building’s wall rather than breaking a door. I suppose my cartoon could be criticized as “inaccurate” but I still think it captures the gist of the event.

This swimmers scandal has stolen the oxygen from the rest of the Olympics and it has given American cartoonists a welcome respite from our toxic presidential campaign. Here are a couple of my favorite swimmer-jerk cartoons:

This one is by Sean Delonas, the long-time cartoonist for The New York Post who has started up drawing again for Cagle Cartoons. The chickens make me laugh.


This Steve Sack “dope” cartoon sums it all up.


Sometime I think that, if not for Pinocchio, there would only be half as many editorial cartoons. This one is by Dave Granlund.

Watch me draw my cartoon in real time on YouTube below!


Now, watch me color the cartoon on Photoshop!

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Palestinian Daggar Eyes

In old time comics there was a great thing where, when a character gives a dirty look the cartoonist would draw knives, or daggers, coming out of their eyes, pointing at where they are looking. defines it this way:

When someone who tries to intimidate another person, they will flinch quickly towards that person, and exercise a quick widening of the eyes, in effort to scare away the supposed moron who tried to intimidate them in the first place. Usually, the kid who gives the dagger eyes is much more adapted to survive through mockery, and this action helps to scare off possible douche bags who try to scare the dagger eyed kid.
In Hawaii they call it “stink-eye”. With all the stabbings, “dagger eyes” worked for me.

NRA Madness in Tennessee

The legislature here in Tennessee is considering over 50 guns bills. It doesn’t deter them that just about everyone in this red state is pro-gun – that just makes them want to fiddle around with gun stuff all the more.

The pro-gun red states like Tennessee are prime fundraising territory for the NRA. It might seem that, where there is broad support for gun culture, there would be little need for battle in the legislature about gun laws – but no – red, pro-gun culture states are the homes of constant legislative madness and NRA fundraising.


NRA Goes Hunting National

NRA Goes Hunting   National © Daryl Cagle,,NRA,N.R.A.,National Rifle Association,hunter,hunting,rifle,gun,gun control,legislation,gun bill,pig,money,contribution,conservatives,environment,safety


Tennessee NRA Goes Hunting

Tennessee   NRA Goes Hunting © Daryl Cagle,,NRA,N.R.A.,National Rifle Association,hunter,hunting,rifle,gun,gun control,legislation,gun bill,pig,money,contribution,conservatives,environment,safety


Putin Ukraine Purse Bandit

145372 600 Putin   Ukraine Purse Bandit cartoons