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Kick NATO Again for me

I love the bromance cartoons with Trump and Putin. Here’s my newest one.


My Latest Cartoons – Taxes, NATO, Bombs, Libya and Syria

Oh dear, I haven’t been good about posting my most recent cartoons – here they are.  This is my annual cartoon about tax time …

This one is about the NATO bombing/no-fly-zone in Libya …

Here’s one on the Republican union bashing.

..and the looming government shutdown …

This is a local cartoon about our ridiculous, multi-billion-dollar trains to nowhere in California.  Our new/old Governor Brown is eager to have an election so we can approve new taxes.  With all the billions of dollars poured into the ground for a worthless Los Angeles subway, and the local $500 million dollar, most expensive high school ever built, it is hard to make a convincing argument that we need higher taxes.

Here’s my portrait of Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad and his father, Hafez al-Assad.

Here’s another drawing of Bashir.  He is fun to draw (his neck makes me laugh).  As a manly cartoonist, I don’t like to put sissy labels on my caricatures; regrettably, most people don’t know what Bashir looks like, and he needs a label – still, I’m no sissy cartoonist.


Libya French Cafe

Libya French Cafe © Daryl Cagle,,Nicolas Sarkozy,president,france,Barack Obama,Libya,NATO,French Cafe,coalition,war,military,Khadafi,Gadafi,wine cafe,restaurant,cigarette


Those Frenchies Were Cussin’ at Me

Those Frenchies Were Cussin' at Me © Daryl Cagle,,France, books,president Bush, NATO, United Nations, Iraq, Inspections, Saddam Hussein, dictionary, cussing, cussin', Frenchies, cowboy, hero, American frontier, triggerhappy, ignorant, ill mannered, pushy, jerk, war, weapons of mass destruction