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TRUE Crazy Stuff!

Here’s a batch of some crazy TRUE stuff from my factual cartoon panel from the 1990’s that never gets old!

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The Zika Mosquito!

This is the Zika mosquito hitch-hiking from place to place.


Here he is in black and white. I usually do a special version for grayscale, rather than just gray scaling the color art.

In the video below you can see me draw this bad boy. I thought long and hard about whether to put a “Zika” label on the mosquito, and I made the manly decision to forego the label.

In the video below you can see me coloring the mosquito in Photoshop. It should open 14:40 into the video, that’s no mistake, it just takes out the time. I didn’t edit this one!

3/21/16 update: Here’s my mosquito as it appeared today in the Ouest France Newspaper, France’s highest circulation newspaper. Thanks to my buddy Kianoush Ramezani and his united foundation that organizes this stuff. I’m impressed that they put my photo and bio alongside the cartoon.



The Secret Service and the GSA Scandals

The Secret Service and the GSA Scandals © Daryl Cagle,,General Services Administration,GSA,Secret Service,Columbia,Colombia,prostitute,prostitution,scandals,television,TV,violence


Secret Service Agent

Secret Service Agent © Daryl Cagle,,Secret Service,Columbia,Colombia,bra,condom,prostitution,prostitute


Five Great Secret Service Cartoons

Unless you’ve been buried under receipts trying to finish your taxes, you’ve been following the news that members of President Obama’s secret service protection allegedly availed themselves of the services of Columbian prostitutes prior to a summit meeting there last week.

From news reports, these guys acted like numbskulls, bragging about protecting the President to the prostitutes, then creating a ruckus when the $50 bill arrived. Here are five funny cartoons that I thought commented on the case nicely…

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