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Most Popular Cartoons of the Week!

Here are the ten most popular cartoons of the week (April 25 -May 2). Sorry I’m a little late this week, we had some technical problems over the weekend –but here they are!

20% of the cartoonists draw 80% of the cartoons that get reprinted. We have dozens of cartoonists in our little syndicate, but only a few cartoons each week catch the fancy of editors and that is easy to see this week. Bruce Plante of The Tulsa World newspaper in Oklahoma has three cartoons in this week’s top ten most reprinted cartoons. Gannett’s freelance cartoonist Dave Granlund and John Cole of The Times-Tribune in Scranton Pennsylvania round out the list with two each, with John taking the prize for the most popular cartoon of the week –about golf.

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The most popular cartoon of the week was this one by John Cole.

The second most reprinted cartoon is this one, by Bruce Plante.


The third most popular cartoon with newspaper editors this week is this one, also by John Cole.


Bruce Plante is on a tear this week, with a whopping three cartoons in the top ten. Here are two more winners from Bruce.

Here’s Rick McKee, with one of two non-coronavirus cartoons in the top ten.

Dave Granlund has two in the top ten, including the other non-coronavirus cartoon.

This popular coronavirus gem comes from Dave Fitzsimmons.

And number ten is this graduation cartoon by Jeff Koterba.

Jeff posted a movie on twitter, showing him drawing the cartoon on his iPad.

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Trump and Saudi Prince Bin Salman

Here’s president Trump shaking hands with Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, who has blood on his hands for allegedly ordering the murder and dismemberment of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi. Trump has been quite chummy with Saudi Arabia which seems to be a house of horrors, accounting for most of the 9/11 killers, and a long history of human rights abuses and recent ugly overkill in Yemen.

I like the idea of the black and white image with only the blood in red. Look familiar? I did much the same thing with Trump and Kim Jong Un.

As Trump continues to cozy up to murderous dictators, maybe I’ll make this into a series.

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Trump Meets Kim Jong Un

Bloody hands are a standard cliché for editorial cartoonists so this is a pretty simple cartoon. I thought I would make it more interesting by having the red blood be the only color in the cartoon.

This cartoon doesn’t really work for newspapers that only have black and white available. When papers have color available, they really want bright colors and pulling back on the color might make them skip this one, even though the color is making a point here. If another cartoonist asked me if he/she should do this, I’d probably tell them no. But, what the heck.

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The Inside Story on Obama’s Meeting with Netanyahu Today

It is no secret that Obama and Netanyahu don’t like each other, and it is amusing to watch them act like they are buddies – therefore today’s cartoon …

And here’s the rough sketch …


I don’t draw Netanyahu very often, so I had to do Google Images to see what he looks like, and I erased his face two or three times before I thought I got close enough. Notice that the final Netanyahu face is much better than the sketch – that always happens with me. I stare at the Google Images Netanyahu faces as I’m tracing the final line art and it gets closer to the right caricature with another step. I went in a different direction with his big nose than I see other cartoonists do – I’m still not sure about that.

Notice that when I’m free-handing something like this, I don’t get it right. Obama is too high and Netanyahu too low for their eyes to meet, so I noted that Netanyahu needed to stretch up to make eye contact and I made the correction as I was tracing it. I never just trace, I’m always redrawing, which can be frustrating, because my natural inclination would be to continue redrawing forever. Rough sketch Obama was looking pretty lousy here too – that’s why artists don’t like to show their rough sketches – rough sketches are lousy!

There you have it, the inside story on the meeting of Obama and Netanyahu today!



Iran Deal

Iran Deal © Daryl Cagle,,Iran, Barack Obama, Supreme Leader, nuclear weapons, bomb, uranium enrichment, handshake, hand shake, negotiations, israel, jews, kill the jews, Ali Khamenei,John Kerry

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Iran Deal

The latest deadline for the nuclear deal with Iran is fast approaching, with both side optimistic that a deal will be made, and both side describing the deal very differently.


Obama Iran and Republicans

142009 600 Obama  Iran and Republicans cartoons


Obama Iran and Netanyahu

142008 600 Obama  Iran and Netanyahu cartoons


Sharon and Abu Mazen

Sharon, and Abu Mazen © Daryl Cagle,,Ariel, Israel, Palestine, Palestinian, Mahmoud, Abbas, handshake, agreement, swords, knives, knif, back, Middle East, mideast, conflict, terror