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My New Favorite Easter Cartoons

Here are my newest, favorite EASTER cartoons! Happy Easter, be well!

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Sean Delonas


Jos Collignon

Rick McKee

Jeff Koterba

Gary McCoy

Dave Whamond

Dave Granlund

Bart van Leeuwen

Bruce Plante

Dale Cummings

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TRUE Devils, Angels and YUCK!

Here’s a new collection of my old TRUE cartoons about devils, angels and yucky stuff!

I’ll be posting more TRUE cartoons soon.

Want to see more collections of my TRUE cartoons?  Here are some cool links:










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Ben Carson and the Media

Dr. Ben Carson seems to have a thin skin when it comes to the media.

Editorial cartoonists have a wonderful advantage versus other journalists; we can put any stupid words we want into the mouths of any public figure. Regular journalists have a slightly higher bar – they have to act like jerks to try to coax a testy quote out of a public figure. Carson’s calm demeanor likely encourages the press to prod him even harder.

Carson say plenty of stupid things without prodding. He holds some of the most knuckle-dragging views on the neanderthal right. What worries me most is the crazy religious views that color right-wing views of reality, like Carson’s rejection of the theory of evolution. His belief that the pyramids were built to store grain at the direction of Joseph (the many colored coat Joseph) is funky a one. Where this becomes dangerous is when right-wing candidates believe that we’re at the “End of Days”, and the turmoil in the Middle East shows that the apocalypse and the return of Jesus Christ is imminent – that can lead to some ugly decision making.

If not for the nutty religious stuff I might be a Republican myself.

Well, maybe not.

Here’s a very close-up blow-up of Ben Carson’s tiny face. From this you can see that I really do draw in pencil and crank up the contrast to make it look like ink. I use yellow Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, with little pink erasers on the end (I always use up the pink erasers). Pencils are forgiving to indecisive cartoonists, like me.


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Nashville’s Churches Could be BIGGER

Here’s my latest local, altie-newspaper cartoon for the Nashville Scene. Nashville is called the “buckle of the Bible Belt” because the place is full of colossal, mega-churches and giant church corporate headquarters. The scale of these churches is stunning. I’m from California where people don’t talk to each other as often as chatty Tennesseans. Often, the first thing I hear in a conversation with a neighbor, or someone I don’t know, is “where do you go to church?”


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Some of my Favorite Christmas Cartoons

Here are a few of my recent, Christmas favorites.  I received this cChristmas card in the mail today, from my French, editorial cartoonist buddy, Pierre Ballouhey, who is much more of a PG13 cartoonist than I.  See Pierre’s cartoons here.  And see our big collection of Christmas 2013 cartoons here.

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Here is my own most recent Christmas cartoon.
1489015 10151727157156735 1329869331 n Some of my Favorite Christmas Cartoons cartoons

This “selfie” cartoon below, by Slovakian cartoonist, Martin “Shooty” Sutovec, made me laugh. See Shooty’s cartoons here.

142151 600 Some of my Favorite Christmas Cartoons cartoons

This new one from Angel Boligan is lovely.  See Angel’s cartoon archive here.
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We got tons of cartoons about Santa adopting NSA spying tactics, and a second ton on Santa adopting’s drone delivery plan – which are both well represented by the Steve Sack cartoons below.  See Steve’s cartoon archive here.

142066 600 Some of my Favorite Christmas Cartoons cartoons

141016 600 Some of my Favorite Christmas Cartoons cartoons



Republican Debate and Jesus

Republican Debate and Jesus COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Jesus Christ,Mitt Romney,Rick Santorum,Republican Debate,Campaign,governor,senator,presidential,president