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Julian Assange Trapped

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, was captured by British authorities this week when the government of Ecuador decided they had enough of him, and invited the cops inside tomato the arrest. The president of Ecuador described Assange as a “pebble in his shoe.” Assange was hiding out in the embassy for seven years to avoid being arrested, but he was such a bad house guest that the Ecuadorians were eager to get rid of him. Assange had sued his hosts, and expressed his frustration by rubbing his feces on the walls. It also seems to annoy the Ecuadorians that Assange didn’t clean up after his cat. I think that’s funny.

Here’s my Assange in a rat-trap cartoon.

Yes, he looks different. He grew a white beard and let his hair grow out, tied back tightly in a little “man-bun.” With that big white beard, I had to make him into a white rat.

Here are a couple of my favorite Julian Assange cartoons, from before the beard.

This one is a urine leaking Assange from Taylor Jones.


I love the simplicity and the odd angle of this Assange by my buddy, Angel Boligan.

I love this Assange by Kap from Barcelona.

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TRUE Devils, Angels and YUCK!

Here’s a new collection of my old TRUE cartoons about devils, angels and yucky stuff!

I’ll be posting more TRUE cartoons soon.

Want to see more collections of my TRUE cartoons?  Here are some cool links:










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Republican Healthcare Poop

Today we saw the TrumpCare/RyanCare Repeal and Replace bill go down in flames – or poop. Here’s my cartoon.

This is based on a cartoon I drew in 2009 when President Obama and the Democrats were pushing Obamacare through Congress.

Want to see me draw this one in real time? Check out the video below …

And here’s the video of me coloring the cartoon in Adobe Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq …

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Twitter Poop

President Trump suffers from his impulsive Tweeting. Earlier this week he was accusing President Obama of wire-tapping his phones in a series of tweets that blew back to bite him.

A number of cartoonists have drawn the twitter bird flying over and pooping on Trump. I thought a giant Twitter bird would be funny, because it would poop more. And trump is one of those rare characters tho is recognizable even with his face covered in bird poop.

I didn’t live-stream this drawing, but I colored it, along with the last cartoon, in the video below. Come watch!

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Baltimore Media Flies

Like flies attracted to stinky poop, the media is drawn to riots and looting, with little interest in the other issues surrounding the stinky poop.

We have a great collection of cartoons about the Baltimore Riots here.


Baltimore Media Flies

Baltimore Media Flies © Daryl Cagle,,Freddy Gray,media,baltimore,Fox News,CNN,NBC News,CBS News,ABC News,poop,poo,Riots,Looting,media,tv,cable


Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo

Here is my last week of cartoons.  Today I’m headed out for the editorial cartooning convention in St. Just, France, with my brilliant cartoonist buddies, Steve Sack, Bob Englehart and Pat Bagley.

Here’s my most recent cartoon, with the GOP all tied up in a knot.  They seem to be pretty dysfunctional right now, gumming up the government for everybody.  (I was just drawing the heels of his shoes with the old fashioned nails and gripper on the back, I wasn’t think of his heels having happy faces.  I guess I have to think of everything.)

600 GOPknot300dpiCMYK9 Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


I did a second GOP knot cartoon this week, which makes the point more about the split in the Republican party.

600 ElephantKnot300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


I’m trying to do more texture in my cartoons.  I’ve been asked why I do the yellow backgrounds so often in my cartoons.  I like the yellow because it is intense and light so that it doesn’t draw away from the line art.

I drew a THIRD Republican knot cartoon this week.  This is my knotty Republican week.  Here is the GOP hanging himself on the medical Caduseus (Obamacare).

1790B GOPCadeuseus300dpiCMY Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons

Enough of knots. When Ted Cruz was doing his useless filibuster, reading from Dr. Seuss, and the other cartoonists were all making Dr. Seuss metaphors, I was rather more annoyed with Cruz, so I drew him as a monkey throwing his poop.

600 CruzMonkey300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons

I know that there won’t be many newspapers that will print this (if any will at all).  I guess that is one of the perks of being my own editor – I can draw whatever I want even if nobody wants to see it.  This cartoon is actually a homage to the great, British cartoonist Steve Bell, who drew a famous image of George W. Bush in a similar pose.  I’m a big Steve Bell fan.

The last one for the week is this Republican suicide bomber cartoon.  I’m leaving for the convention in France at a difficult time, with all the wonderful, crazy politics going on now.  I won’t be drawing new cartoons for a week or so, but when I come back I expect to have some pent up angst, ready for the drawing board.

600 GovtBomb300dpiCMYK Epic Dysfunction in Congress, Obamacare and Ted Cruz as a Monkey Throwing his Poo cartoons


Senator Ted Cruz Obamacare and Monkey Poop

137981 600 Senator Ted Cruz   Obamacare and Monkey Poop cartoons


Wall Street Bull Yuck

Wall Street Bull Yuck © Daryl Cagle,,Wall Street, finance, economy, mortgage, Uncle Sam, shit, poop, bullshit, bull, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, stock market