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TRUE Kids 3!

Here’s another collection of my TRUE cartoons about kids!

I’m loading my oldies into our database, and making some editorial decisions on what to edit or cut. These TRUE cartoons ran in newspapers back in 1995. It is interesting to see how many of them hold up well over the years. Things don’t change much. The TRUE cartoons that look stale have land-line phones, phone booths, and old style televisions. I’m culling out the cartoons that refer to events and politicians in 1995 – after all, our database is an online store and I don’t think people will be interested in licensing stale cartoons. Political cartoons in general go stale fast, which is both a problem and a blessing for us.

See more TRUE cartoons:










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Kick NATO Again for me

I love the bromance cartoons with Trump and Putin. Here’s my newest one.

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Guns and Puppies

There will be a big march on Washington for gun control, led by students who are energized by the threats they face with the continuing plague of school shootings. Politicians appears to be deaf to the outrage.

If gunmen shot puppies instead of people the politicians might jump to take action. An incident where a flight attendant forced a passenger to put his puppy in an overhead bin, where the puppy asphyxiated and died, has energized politicians with outrage and calls to action. Clearly, puppies are the priority in Congress.

Here’s how my cartoon looked in USA Today, yesterday.

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Doggie Sexual Harassment!

Celebrities and politicians are getting slammed with sexual harassment allegations from years ago. It must be the same in the doggie world. 

I hate to draw cartoons about crime. Cartoons about bad guys are usually lousy cartoons because they only bash the bad guys, and it doesn’t add much to the public debate to say “that bad guy is bad” in a cartoon. The sexual harassment debate is different because it looks like tribal loyalty “trumps” moral conviction. One accuser against Senator Al Franken, who accepts his apology, is a cause célèbre for Republicans who call the many Trump accusers “fake news.” The same was true of president Bill Clinton; Democrats dismissed Clinton’s many accusers as liars. It seems there are no tribes in Hollywood as accused celebrities are dropping like flies.

Here’s a cartoon I drew about Judge Roy Moore’s supporters last week. The air is thick with hypocrisy these days.

It may seem like sexual harassment hasn’t been in the news until now, when there is little else in the news – but sexual harassment is an evergreen topic with cartoonists. Here’s one I drew about Bill O’Reilly.

And here are two I drew about sexual harassment in the military.

Here’s one on Bill Cosby.

Here’s one on Trump and his infamous Access Hollywood tape.

And I’ll round this out with a couple of Anthony Weiner cartoons.

Here’s my Anthony Weiner infinity cartoon.



Puppies, Elephants, Bunnies and Sexual Assault

Here are my last four cartoons.  The most recent is below, on the press growing less cute and adorable for Obama.  I think if I drew puppies in all of my editorial cartoons, my work would be much more popular.  I didn’t quite know how I would handle this one when I started drawing, so the rough sketch is a bit of a mess.

poppusketch600 Puppies, Elephants, Bunnies and Sexual Assault cartoons

I was thinking of making this a four panel cartoon at first, with the doggie growing progressively bigger and a caption, but the simple two panel format won out.  here is the line art that most people will see in their newspapers that print in black and white.

131966 600 Puppies, Elephants, Bunnies and Sexual Assault cartoons

And here is the color.  Readers love the doggies.

131967 600 Puppies, Elephants, Bunnies and Sexual Assault cartoons

I drew the cartoon below when Obama made his first statement about the IRS scandal.  here’s the black and white most people see.

131778 600 Puppies, Elephants, Bunnies and Sexual Assault cartoons

And here’s the color.

131782 600 Puppies, Elephants, Bunnies and Sexual Assault cartoons

Before that I did this one on the ongoing, outrageous, sexual assault scandals in the military.

131798 600 Puppies, Elephants, Bunnies and Sexual Assault cartoons

And I drew this “Energizer Bunny” cartoon about the Benghazi Scandal that the Republicans can’t bear to see fade away.

131506 600 Puppies, Elephants, Bunnies and Sexual Assault cartoons

There was a time when I would see an Energizer Bunny cliche editorial cartoon every week. Alas, those were the good old days.


Obama Puppy and Banks

Obama Puppy and Banks © Daryl Cagle,,Banks,stimulus,tarp,sasha obama,malia obama,barack obama,president,media,the media,puppy,Portuguese Water dog


Shoot the Doggie

Shoot the Doggie © Daryl Cagle,,Iraq, Fallujah, military, dog, Islam, religion, ambulance, mosque, gun, soldier, army, terrorist, Shiite, minaret, baby, terrorism, war, puppy, shoot