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Harvey Weinstein Walks Free! (not)

Here’s an interesting post from my brilliant buddy, Taylor Jones. –Daryl

It’s very rare that I draw cartoons in advance of a news events, because it’s taking a gamble that the cartoon will prove inappropriate or just plain wrong. However, last Friday, when the news reported that there might be a hung jury, I thought I’d give my rather simple Harvey Weinstein idea a shot.

Today, the jury came through with guilty verdicts on the two lesser counts, sending the ex-movie mogul to jail while the appeals process begins. However, what rendered the cartoon moot is society’s gain.  –Taylor Jones


Here is another great, Taylor Jones Harvey Weinstein cartoon. It is an oldie …

…and another one!

Taylor is great! See Taylor’s archive.

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Kavanaugh Grope

The Republicans seem to be tone deaf about how they sound when they dismiss women’s sexual assault claims. “Tone deaf” and how things “sound” don’t translate well into editorial cartoons, which are all about how things look, so I thought the GOP elephants groping the justice statue character made the same point visually.

The descriptions of Kavanaugh’s alleged high school and college offenses have been pretty graphic, but the bar for how graphic a cartoonist can go in editorial cartoons in America is not set very low, so I’ll be interested to see if newspapers will print cartoon elephants grabbing Justice’s boobies. I’ll know soon!

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Cosby & Justice

It looks like Justice finally connected with Bill Cosby. Here’s my cartoon:

We have a great collection of Bill Cosby conviction cartoons at:

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Cosby Convicted!

Bill Cosby was convicted today and faces up to 30 years in prison for sexual assault. We dusted off my old Cosby cartoon from his first trial and it looks just as appropriate now as ever!

And, as far as I know, I’m the only cartoonist so far to draw Cosby in Hell – but somehow I think there will be many more.

Here are three of my favorite Cosby cartoons …

This one is by Taylor Jones

This one is by Rick McKee


And this one is by RJ Matson

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Doggie Sexual Harassment!

Celebrities and politicians are getting slammed with sexual harassment allegations from years ago. It must be the same in the doggie world. 

I hate to draw cartoons about crime. Cartoons about bad guys are usually lousy cartoons because they only bash the bad guys, and it doesn’t add much to the public debate to say “that bad guy is bad” in a cartoon. The sexual harassment debate is different because it looks like tribal loyalty “trumps” moral conviction. One accuser against Senator Al Franken, who accepts his apology, is a cause célèbre for Republicans who call the many Trump accusers “fake news.” The same was true of president Bill Clinton; Democrats dismissed Clinton’s many accusers as liars. It seems there are no tribes in Hollywood as accused celebrities are dropping like flies.

Here’s a cartoon I drew about Judge Roy Moore’s supporters last week. The air is thick with hypocrisy these days.

It may seem like sexual harassment hasn’t been in the news until now, when there is little else in the news – but sexual harassment is an evergreen topic with cartoonists. Here’s one I drew about Bill O’Reilly.

And here are two I drew about sexual harassment in the military.

Here’s one on Bill Cosby.

Here’s one on Trump and his infamous Access Hollywood tape.

And I’ll round this out with a couple of Anthony Weiner cartoons.

Here’s my Anthony Weiner infinity cartoon.


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Stanford Rape Judge Aaron Persky

Count me among those outraged by the Stanford rape case. The sentence of six months for handsome young Stanford athlete, Brock Turner, is outrageous. Defending his son, Turner’s father wrote about his son’s sentence, “That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.”

A million signatures have been gathered on a petition to demand the outset of Judge Aaron Persky, himself a white, Stanford athlete. The rape victim wrote a powerful letter to the court, and to her rapist which became a sensation on the internet.

The latest horror in this horror show is Vice President Joe Biden, who wrote a pandering essay to the victim that has garnered much attention and widespread praise in the media. What strikes me about Biden’s essay is that he says nothing that anyone would disagree with. It is a politician’s speech, peppered with emotional triggers and support for the victim while taking no position that anyone would disagree with.  Biden sidesteps the real issues raised by the atrocious sentence and the million signature petition to remove Judge Persky.

Biden may be thinking of Donald Trump’s recent criticism of the judge in the Trump University civil case. Trump has been excoriated by the press, and by Democrats, for criticizing a judge. Trump claims that his “Mexican” judge is biased because Trump wants to “build a wall”. Judge Persky is also being criticized for racial bias; it seems likely that a black defendant would not have drawn the sympathy and light sentence given to the handsome, white rapist who shared Persky’s alma-mater.

Perhaps Biden thinks that now is not the best time for a Democrat to be criticizing a judge.

See me draw this cartoon in the video below …

See me color the cartoon in the next video …



Bill Cosby

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Military Sexual Assaults

Military Sexual Assaults © Daryl Cagle,,Military, sex, sexual, assault, rape, superior officers,military sexual assaults


Military Sexual Assaults

Military Sexual Assaults © Daryl Cagle,,Military,sex,sexual,assault,rape,superior officers


Zapiro in Hot Water Over Second Rape Cartoon

Zapiro Zuma Rape Lady Justice ANC
Click to enlarge

Our good friend from South Africa, cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (who goes by the pen name “Zapiro”) has found himself in hot water once again over a recent cartoon he drew showing South African President Jacob Zuma preparing to “rape” a woman labeled “Free Speech”.

In the cartoon for the Mail & Guardian newspaper (pictured on the right), Zuma is shown unbuclking his belt, while African National Congress (ANC) secretary general Gwede Mantashe holds a woman depicting press freedom. Lady Justice is also drawn, and shouts: “Fight, sister, fight!!”

It draws parallels with a controversial cartoon Zapiro drew back in 2008, depicting Zuma, complete with trademark shower-head, unbuckling his belt as he prepared to rape the figurative Lady Justice. Zapiro and the Sunday Times where the cartoon appeared are currently being sued by the government for 5 million Rand (about $730,000).

“Careful thought was given to it,” Zapiro said of the most recent cartoon. “I discussed it with the editor (Nic Dawes) as I always do when a cartoon has the potential to be explosive.”

“We are disgusted by the cartoon,” ANC spokesperson Brian Sokutu told the Mail & Guardian. “We believe in the freedom of the press and freedom of expression and we can’t stop people expressing their opinion. It is the [cartoon’s] depiction more than the message.”

What do you think? Is the cartoon fair, or does it cross the line? Comment below and let us know.