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True Sex!

Here’s another new batch of my old TRUE cartoons – this time about SEX!

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TRUE Kids 3!

Here’s another collection of my TRUE cartoons about kids!

I’m loading my oldies into our database, and making some editorial decisions on what to edit or cut. These TRUE cartoons ran in newspapers back in 1995. It is interesting to see how many of them hold up well over the years. Things don’t change much. The TRUE cartoons that look stale have land-line phones, phone booths, and old style televisions. I’m culling out the cartoons that refer to events and politicians in 1995 – after all, our database is an online store and I don’t think people will be interested in licensing stale cartoons. Political cartoons in general go stale fast, which is both a problem and a blessing for us.

See more TRUE cartoons:










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Kick NATO Again for me

I love the bromance cartoons with Trump and Putin. Here’s my newest one.

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TRUE Health Statistics 2!

Here’s another batch of my syndicated TRUE cartoons about Health Statistics!


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Trump Valentines Candy UNCENSORED

Here’s my Trump Valentines Day Candy. I drew a tame version and asked my followers on Twitter (@dcagle) what they through – they wanted a less tame version. Somehow, I think newspapers will print the tame version.

The spicy version:

The tame version:


Knowing that newspapers have both versions to choose from, here’s an opportunity to see if your local editor is tame or spicy.

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The NRA and the Republican Doggie!

Since the Orlando massacre there has been talk on the left about gun control, while the right seems unmoved by arguments to limit assault weapons or ban sales of guns to people on the “no-fly” list. It isn’t hard to see why.

I like the image of the NRA as a pig in a business suit – much the same image that I often use for Wall Street. The pig is a symbol of greed and the NRA is all about money and self interest around their gun issues. Here’s another one with NRA piggies that I drew some time ago.

and here’s another one …

My pigs are influenced by my old Muppet days and I guess I have a pig style that some people see as too similar to my elephants. Whenever I draw pigs in cartoons I’ll get an e-mail from somebody who thinks my pig is a short snouted elephant – some people must suffer from pig-blindness.

The videos of my drawing the new NRA piggy and doggie are below. Note that I ran into a problem with Photoshop when I tried to put in the image of the $100 bill. I thought using a $100 bill was funny and enhanced the message of the cartoon; it created a natural, visual focal point drawing the eye up to the money. Its all about the money. Photoshop blocks images of bank notes as a barrier to counterfeiters, and this has been a problem for me with past cartoons. In the videos you’ll see me struggle with this again. I use money scans rarely enough that I always forget how I worked around it the last time. You’ll see me struggle a bit and figure it out in the video.

Here I am drawing the piggy/doggie cartoon …

and here I am coloring the piggy/doggie cartoon …



The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill

The two big news stories this week were the Boston Marathon bombing and the sinking of the gun bill by Republicans in the Senate.  Of-course, the gun bill got lost in the media focus on the Boston Bombing (we have a great collection of cartoons on the Boston Bombing here).

The problem with dominant news stories is that every cartoonist is drawing the same thing at the same time – why?  Editors all want the same thing at the same time.  Usually I like to steer a little different path then the cartoonist pack, because of supply and demand. There were just too many similar cartoons about the Boston Marathon Bombing this week, with bloody tennis shoes, bowed heads on statues, damaged Boston logos, symbolic metaphors breaking ribbons at finish lines – just what editors wanted, but too much of it for them to use.  I tried to take a bit of a different tack with memorial candles, and I wanted to avoid drawing something bloody, still, I’m sure my cartoon didn’t get reprinted much because of oversupply.  Here is the rough pencil sketch.

Bostonsketch600wide The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons

…and here is the black and white line art, that most people will see in the newspaper.

130360 600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons
… and here is the color …

130428 600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons

If I use colors in cartoons that are too dark, I get complaints from editors, so the color was a compromise. I’m not sure I’m happy with it. Oh well, it is a cartoon I was obligated to draw and the marketplace didn’t need – the story of my career.

The next cartoon was about the Republicans sinking the gun bill in the Senate. Republicans love their guns a bit too much – and that’s all that this cartoon says. Here is the rough sketch.

GUNsketchFORWEB600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons

I found a photo of an assault rifle on Google and printed it out for my rough sketch.  For a moment, I thought about Photoshopping the actual photo into the cartoon – it would be a jarring contrast to have the drawing of an elephant with what looks like a real, nasty, assault rifle photo – then I thought about how Bill Day tried that and was pilloried by this colleagues, and my good judgement got the better of me. Gotta watch out for those gun photos, they can get you labeled as a “plagiarist” and make you the wallflower at AAEC cartoonist parties.

Here is the black and white art …

130550 600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoonsand the color …

130552 600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons

Ah!  Love in the springtime!


GOP and Guns

GOP and Guns © Daryl Cagle,,Republicans,elephant,Senate,vote,gun control,assault rifle,AK 47,semi-automatic,rifle,park bench,flowers,hearts,GOP, gun control bill, guns, wayne lapierre


Clinton and Obama Boxers

Clinton and Obama Boxers © Daryl Cagle,,Bill Clinton,Barack Obama,gasoline,gas,shorts,boxers,hearts,gas pump,energy,cigarette,cigar


Valentine Violence

Valentine Violence © Daryl Cagle,,Tic Tac Toe, hearts, bombs, game, terrorism, war,love