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Protests, Riots and Police!

This is the cartoon I drew today about the nationwide protests …

Police violence is contemptible, but police are protecting our burning cities across America – the contradictions are showing up in cartoons as the cartoonists respond to the ugly scenes on television by drawing.

Here’s a cartoon I reposted for newspapers this morning. I drew this one five years ago for the Ferguson riots/protests. Regrettably, this cartoon doesn’t go out of date. Perhaps five years ago police seemed more concerned about being caught on video.

Since this is all happening on the weekend, and cartoonists and newspapers work on weekdays, we don’t have many cartoons yet. Watch where we’re collecting them all.

Here are my favorites from today …

Marian Kamensky

Daivd Fitzsimmons

Gary McCoy

See the first cartoons about the George Floyd murder in my post from last week.

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Kavanaugh Kaveman

I was riveted to my TV all day yesterday. I thought Christine Blasie Ford and Kavanaugh were both believable. It is interesting that so many people talk about how this is a “he said, she said” thing, with no proof, using arguments that relate to trials and criminal proceedings. Of-course, this is a job interview, and courtroom arguments about proof and procedure are not a part of job interviews. Clearly Kavanaugh won’t be a choice that will reflect well on the institution of the Supreme Court, that’s enough reason to choose another eager candidate. Whether it is fair to Kavanaugh or not, that’s what my cartoon is about; I’m illustrating the notion that Kavanaugh doesn’t reflect well on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh isn’t my first caveman. In fact, cavemen are a popular cliché for editorial cartoonists and I’ve drawn my share. Here’s an old Putin caveman from when Russia invaded Crimea.

This old caveman cartoon was from when George W. Bush appointed John Bolton to be the United Nations ambassador. Funny how characters like Bolton never go away. Somehow I think I’ll be drawing lots more cavemen – there are plenty of them in Washington.

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Kavanaugh Grope

The Republicans seem to be tone deaf about how they sound when they dismiss women’s sexual assault claims. “Tone deaf” and how things “sound” don’t translate well into editorial cartoons, which are all about how things look, so I thought the GOP elephants groping the justice statue character made the same point visually.

The descriptions of Kavanaugh’s alleged high school and college offenses have been pretty graphic, but the bar for how graphic a cartoonist can go in editorial cartoons in America is not set very low, so I’ll be interested to see if newspapers will print cartoon elephants grabbing Justice’s boobies. I’ll know soon!

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Cosby & Justice

It looks like Justice finally connected with Bill Cosby. Here’s my cartoon:

We have a great collection of Bill Cosby conviction cartoons at:

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Trump’s Trip to Mexico

Donald Trump made a surprise trip to Mexico today. He is rather unpopular in Mexico, which led me to draw this cartoon featuring Mexico’s famous Angel of Independence statue reacting to Trump’s greeting.


The Angel of Independence in Mexico City is the scene of frequent political protests and is an icon in Mexico like the Statue of Liberty is to us. One of my favorite cartoonists in Mexico, Angel Boligan, draws the Angel often, and I thought I would post a few – here she is in one that Boligan calls “Sin City”


And here she is as a cigarette …


Here she’s replaced by the police.


And in this one, she seems to have lost her motivation – or found new motivation …

See me draw this Trump cartoon in the video below …

and see me color the cartoon in Photoshop in the video below …


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The Clinton Foundation

Now, as I’m looking at this “Clinton Foundation” cartoon I notice that I signed it TWICE as “”. That’s a ridiculous mistake that I’ve never made before.

There have been quite a few “crumbling foundation” cartoons about Hillary – I’m just another dog in the pack – except I’ve got TWO signatures. Try to beat THAT.

Here you can see me drawing this one, with my 4H pencils on Seth-Cole Dura-Lene paper. Really. It is pencil. Really.

And here I color it in Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq.


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More Nathan Bedford Forrest

This week the State of Tennessee’s Department of Transportation rejected a request from Nashville’s Metro Council (City Council) to plant foliage that would block the view of the atrocious Nathan Bedford Forrest statue that commuters see every day from Interstate 65.

I’m starting to enjoy Nathan as a cartoon character! I think I’ll use him some more in my local, Nashville Scene cartoons (the newest cartoon is below).


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Nashville’s Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue

My latest local, altie Nashville Scene cartoon is about Nashville’s statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, who fought defending Nashville from the Union Army, who was the founder of the Ku Kux Klan and the first “Grand Wizard of the KKK.” The hideous, privately owned, 25 foot tall, fiberglass statue is a local embarrassment as it can be clearly viewed from the freeway, surrounded by Confederate Battle Flags.

The statue is funny on a number of levels: the general has blue jewels for eyeballs; he has a golden pony without knees or eyeballs; and the image of Nathan Bedford Forrest looks nothing like what the general actually looked like. The statue’s sculptor was once the attorney for James Earl Ray, the assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Local officials have been trying to find ways to get rid of the eyesore, or to cover it up. One solution was to have the state of Tennessee plant fast growing trees next to the freeway to block the view of the statue. The owner of the plot responded with a plan to raise the fiberglass statue onto stilts, so that it could still be seen above the trees.

Gotta love Nashville.




Joe Paterno’s Statue

Cartoonists like visual metaphors, and there’s no bigger representation of everything that’s wrong at Penn State than the bronze statue of Joe Paterno that stands outside of Beaver Stadium.

Critics are calling for the statue to be town down in lieu of a report that clearly shows Paterno helped cover up the actions of his former assistant coach, convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky.

Here are some cartoons about the statue by a handful of our cartoonists. Think it should be torn down? Comment below or drop us a note on our Facebook page.

Nate Beeler / Columbus Dispatch (click to view more cartoons by Beeler)
Rob Tornoe / Philadelphia Inquirer (click to view more cartoons by Tornoe)
J.D. Crowe / Mobile Press-Register (click to view more cartoons by Crowe)
John Cole / Scranton Times-Tribune (click to view more cartoons by Cole)
Milt Priggee / (click to view more cartoons by Priggee)

Greece Merkel and the Euro

Greece  Merkel and the Euro © Daryl Cagle,,Germany,Angela Merkel,euro,statue,discus,olympics,Greece