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Protests, Riots and Police!

This is the cartoon I drew today about the nationwide protests …

Police violence is contemptible, but police are protecting our burning cities across America – the contradictions are showing up in cartoons as the cartoonists respond to the ugly scenes on television by drawing.

Here’s a cartoon I reposted for newspapers this morning. I drew this one five years ago for the Ferguson riots/protests. Regrettably, this cartoon doesn’t go out of date. Perhaps five years ago police seemed more concerned about being caught on video.

Since this is all happening on the weekend, and cartoonists and newspapers work on weekdays, we don’t have many cartoons yet. Watch where we’re collecting them all.

Here are my favorites from today …

Marian Kamensky

Daivd Fitzsimmons

Gary McCoy

See the first cartoons about the George Floyd murder in my post from last week.

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I vote for NO WITNESSES!

On Friday the Senate is expected to vote on whether to call witnesses for the impeachment trial. As of now, it is possible that four Republicans can be found to vote for witnesses, in particular, John Bolton –but it is likely there will not be four Republicans who vote for witnesses. Here’s my cartoon …

I was reminded that people like to see my rough sketches, so here you go.

You can see I fiddled with making the elephant’s butt bigger and moving his head forward, and whether or not to put the tie in front of his shoe. This is an odd angle to draw, but it is the best angle for effective mooning –I’ve done it before. Here’s one that I drew over 20 years ago, during the Florida recount in the Bush vs. Gore election.

My biggest regret from my career as an editorial cartoonist is that I supported the run-up to the war in Iraq, and I believed The New York Times‘ bogus stories about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (I won’t make the mistake of trusting The New York Times again.) Here’s one of my run-up to war in Iraq cartoons, about Saddam obstructing the weapons inspectors in Iraq –we later learned that what Saddam was hiding was his fragile ego, since he had no such weapons.

I think it is a general rule for editorial cartoonists that whenever there is a good excuse to draw a butt, a dog or a Statue of Liberty, you gotta grab it and run.


Big Election for Republicans and Tic-Tac-Toe

The big election wins for Republicans gave us an elephant cartoon festival that continues today. Here is our great new collection of cartoons on the GOP sweep.

I posted three cartoons yesterday! The first one started out as I was thinking of the Republicans taking “a big bite of the apple” which didn’t quite work, because it looked like the elephant was damaging and consuming the capitol, so I went with a Capitol ice cream cone and a big lick. (No, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the perspective on the Capitol – hey, this is a cartoon.)

And here’s the GOP having a nice day, while the Democrats are having a lousy day.

Here’s the GOP win. They played a good game this time around.

Tic-Tac-Toe cartoons are a favorite of mine; they show more than winners and losers, tic-tac-toe shows a strategy. I drew this one when it became clear that Obama was going to beat Mitt Romney.

I drew this one four years earlier, when it was clear that Obama was going to beat McCain.

Tic-tac-toe isn’t only good for elections. I drew this one a few years ago, when Saddam Hussein’s regime fell.

I regret that my early Iraq cartoons were not very sophisticated, and were much to supportive of the war. I’ve learned my lesson this time around and all the warmongering media and public support for going back into Iraq looks like the old rush to war winning over the public again … as illustrated in the tic-tac-toe-oldie below. Somehow it looks like there is more tic-tac-toe to come.



Count On Us

Count On Us © Daryl Cagle,,army, Iraq, beheading, decapitation, gun, Berg, roadside bombs, murder, kidnappings, cutting heads, dragging, bodies, prison, abuse, civilian, casualties, humiliating, Saddam Hussein, civil war


World Walkies

World Walkies © Daryl Cagle,,World, War, Iraq, Bush, Saddam Hussein, President, Dog, Rat, President George Bush, globe, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, walk, walkies, world


Burnt Turkey

Burnt Turkey © Daryl Cagle,,Turkey, War, Iraq, Saddam Hussein, President Bush, Colin Powell, Secretary of State, President, Norman Rockwell, soldiers, burnt, dinner, supper


Saddam Debates Bush

Saddam Debates Bush © Daryl Cagle,,Saddam Hussein, presidential, debate, Bush, Iraq, war, media, President Bush, Debates, Jack Kennedy, podium


Those Frenchies Were Cussin’ at Me

Those Frenchies Were Cussin' at Me © Daryl Cagle,,France, books,president Bush, NATO, United Nations, Iraq, Inspections, Saddam Hussein, dictionary, cussing, cussin', Frenchies, cowboy, hero, American frontier, triggerhappy, ignorant, ill mannered, pushy, jerk, war, weapons of mass destruction