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Wisconsin Trips-up Trump?

What? I drew a cartoon with Trump losing Wisconsin – before we know if he wins or loses in Wisconsin? When there are major elections we typically get cartoons in advance that anticipate the outcome of the contests. If Trump loses Wisconsin tonight, editors will have this one in the can, ready for tomorrow morning’s paper on short notice. If Trump does well in Wisconsin, this cartoon goes to waste.

Want to see me draw this one in real time? Check out the YouTube video below. This cartoon turned out to be about the Donald’s hair, without my really intending to do that, but it was fun. I need to look for windy gags for Trump.

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In the Trump Shadow

Donald Trump casts a big shadow over the Republican field as we approach the first debate. I drew little caricatures of all the candidates – can you name them all? (I would have missed Jim Gilmore – he declared late and I stuck him behind the crowd, behind Ben Carson, as an afterthought.)

I started off drawing this one with Donald Trump as a storm cloud raining on the other Republicans.

When I posted this we started getting calls from editors who wanted a color version, and I haven’t done that yet. I suppose I still should, but I think the shadow version is better.

I’m guessing that the Fox News debate will be either storm or shadow, with Trump on top. We’ll see.

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“Gotcha” Questions for Scott Walker

I get lots of e-mails with the same message, like this one from little Johnny in Nashville, who writes, “Dear Mr. Cagle, Please explain your cartoon to me. My paper is due tomorrow.”

I hate having to explain myself. So does Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker.

Walker doesn’t like “gotcha” questions from the media. When a reporter asks a politician a question, and knows that an honest answer would be an answer that many people won’t like hearing, that is a “gotcha” question. Walker has been clumsy while learning to avoid “gotcha” questions.

I drew a cartoon showing a reporter interviewing Walker.

Reporter asks, “Gays?”

Walker says, “I don’t wanna answer that.” Walker thinks, “Homos are so nasty.”

Reporter then asks, “Evolution?”

Walker says, “I won’t answer.” Walker thinks, “This liberal ape doesn’t know that evolution is only a ‘theory’.”

Reporter asks, “Do you think Obama is a Christian?”

Walker says, “I never asked him.” Walker thinks, “I never asked that liberal, Muslim, Kenyan atheist.”

Journalists must be accurate and report the exact words a politician says. My job is better. As an editorial cartoonist, I have the freedom to put any words into the mouths of politicians that I want; I can even choose to put any thoughts into their brains.

Republican candidates must pander to the basest of their conservative base, especially in the presidential primaries. My worry is that politicians really believe the blather that they spew. I would like to hear honest answers to the “gotcha” questions.

The problem with avoiding “gotcha” questions is that I’m left with the impression that Walker really believes the knuckle-dragging nonsense that I write into his thought bubbles.

An even bigger problem is that cartoons are not so funny when they are explained.

Sorry, Johnny.


Scott Walker Interview

Scott Walker Interview © Daryl Cagle,,Scott Walker, Wisconsin, Governor, presidential, campaign, president, media, press, newspaper, interview, evolution, theory, gay, homosexual, Barack Obama, Christian, religion, conservative, Rep


Scott Walker Interview

Scott Walker Interview © Daryl Cagle,,Scott Walker, Wisconsin, Governor, presidential, campaign, president, media, press, newspaper, interview, evolution, theory, gay, homosexual, Barack Obama, Christian, religion, conservative, Republican


Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Every Friday, we collect the best political cartoons of the week and stuff them into one big, glorious slideshow.

So just relax and catch up on a week’s worth of news with our Best Cartoons of the Week slideshow.

Chris Weyant / The Hill (click to launch slideshow)

Scott Walker the Champ

Scott Walker the Champ © Daryl Cagle,,Scott Walker,recall,election,governor,Wisconsin,boxing,blood


Walker Wins, Labor Loses

In a hotly-contested recall election, Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker easily prevailed over his democratic opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, 53 percent to 46 percent. Walker’s popularity may have been on the decline, but according to polling numbers, he benefited greatly from the fact that many Wisconsin voters didn’t think the premise of last night’s recall was legitimate.

Here what some of our cartoonists think about Walker’s victory…

David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Daily Star (click to view more cartoons by Fitzsimmons)
Eric Allie / (click to view more cartoons by Allie)
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GOP Union Steamroller

GOP Union Steamroller © Daryl Cagle,,Union,teacher,school,education,Wisconsin,Public Employees,Republicans,Steamroller,union busting,Scott Walker


Conservative Wisconsin Cartoon: Fair or Foul?

Our talented conservative cartoonist, Eric Allie, drew a cartoon yesterday about the protests in Wisconsin that seems to have touched the nerve among our readers. In the cartoon, featured below, Allie recast the fight going on in Wisconsin, making the public sector union the behemoth, while making the average taxpayers as “the evil greedy corporate monster.”

Wisconsin Public Unions
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Here’s a sample of some of the comments we received about the cartoon:

VickySP: “I am a public sector worker and I couldn’t disagree more. I took a paycut to take this job almost 15 yrs ago. Not only did I never get back to my pre-public sector pay, I’ve taken pay cuts for the past several years that have put me even lower than when I started. Why do I stay in this job? I took it originally for the job security and benefits – I have family obligations. I’m still there because of the family obligations and the lack of any local job opportunities in my field. Not all public sector unions are the same. Not all are “Goliath”. Look at the facts before you make assumptions.”

Brian Mitchell: “Wonder who the Bankers’ & Stockbrokers’ Association gets to do its corporate cartoons? Sell-out.”

Hhvision: “No wonder cartooning is a dying industry. With a perspective like Mr. Allie’s, it should have passed away years ago.”

David Bruce: “Accurate depiction despite all the marketing spin to the contrary.”

Ron Evry: “I hope the lady in the picture packed her kid’s knapsack with plenty of Brawnyâ„¢ Paper Towels. The hundreds of millions the Governor just gave the Koch Brothers might not be enough for them…”

Steve Berlin: “Considering taxpayers don’t pay for Union pension, once again Conservatives are crying how that mean ol’ David is picking on poor old Goliath.”

Justin Jones: “Wow, what a completely stupid, uninformed, and tone-deaf cartoon.”

Alexander Thorburn Hoffman: “Perfect cartoon. Union thugs vs the people who actually have to pay their salary.”

What do you think about the cartoon: Fair or Foul? Leave your comments below.